4 Best WordPress SEO Plugin to Enhance Search Visibility

WordPress SEO Plugin help you to add meta title, meta description, meta tags and other important things into your posts easily. Also, they suggest where you need to place your specific keywords and where not.

1. All in One SEO Pack

All in one SEO pack

What you can do with this:

  • Help you to add title, description and keywords in blog home page
  • Help you to insert and maintain the length of posts meta title, description and keywords.
  • Nofollow and Noindex option in posts writing
  • Snippet preview
  • Rewrite post title and custom post type settings
  • Social media integration support
  • XML sitemap feature
  • Sitemap priorities and frequencies
  • Best one out of many other SEO plugins
  • All in One SEO Pack is also a free version like Yoast plugin

2. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast

What you can do with this:

  • You can insert meta titles, descriptions, keywords and SEO titles in posts and blog home page
  • Help you to maintain meta title and meta description length
  • Page and posts analysis
  • You can optimize RSS feeds
  • Help you to manage your sitemaps
  • Social networks integrated options
  • Webmaster tools code inserting like Google, Alexa, Bing etc.
  • Keywords density and copy score value
  • Allow to edit robots.txs and .htaccess files
  • Interlinking and permalinks management
  • Much more features.
  • It’s free ????

3. SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate

What you can do with this:

  • Insert meta title, description and keywords in posts
  • Title tag rewriter, Auto linking
  • 404 error monitor
  • meta description editor
  • Deeplink juggernaut and permalink tweaker
  • txt and .htaccess editor
  • Open graph integrator
  • Google rich snippet creator
  • Author highlighter
  • Social media support

4. SEO Pressor


What you can do with this:

  • Suggest keywords for inserting inappropriate place
  • Auto smart linking and Rich snippet
  • Force meta title and description inserting
  • Keyword density analysis
  • Images optimization by inserting ALT tag
  • Social network support
  • LSI keywords suggestions
  • Prevent from over optimization