Case Study – WP Blog and Widgets Plugin
March 12, 2018 Hardik Shah

There are some very essential benefits of the Small Business Blogs

  1. Boost Search Engine Optimization
  2. Develop Relationships with Potential and Existing Customers
  3. Establish Your Business as an Industry Leader
  4. Connect People to Your Brand
  5. Create Opportunities for Sharing

WP Blog and Widgets comes as a WordPress Blog Plugin from WPOnlineSupport. The plugin helps to manage and to display blogs and widgets on your websites.

LAKES AND CHALETS is a blog dedicated to lake lovers and cottage life.

Its goal is to become, over time, a reference center for the 200,000 cottage owners and the 1.6 million Quebeckers who live or stay temporarily in cottages and who, like us, are lifestyle lovers associated with the life at the cottage.

There are various designs are available in the WP Blog and Widgets Plugin. Out of that 30 no design whose demo is available in the (pro demo). This will help you to visit the different blogs around the lakes and chalets.


We want to make our field available to anyone interested in psychotherapy subjects; therapists, clients and others who work with or are concerned with mental health. Here you will find relevant academic articles, research references, and book reviews.

The Play has a website and there is a blog section available on the website. This website’s blog section incorporated the WP Blog and Widgets Plugin for their purpose with design no 1(pro demo)

WP Blog Widget 2

We’re a new PlayWear label for girls aged 0-8 based in sunny Bondi Beach. We like fun, so our designs are bright and playful and most importantly, they’re easy to wear.  We got rid of as many buttons, zips and annoying clasps as possible so kids can dress themselves.


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