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March 16, 2018 Hardik Shah

A multipurpose responsive WordPress Posts Slider Plugin powered with four built-in design template, lots of easy customizable options.

The TDI & Health Through Awareness Mission

To empower and educate individuals to become proactive in their lifestyle choices to maximize their well-being and wake them up to the infinite possibilities that life holds.

Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging (TDI)  provides superior quality thermal imaging and interpretation for health risk assessment of disorders of the breast, vascular, thyroid, dental, sinus and neuromuscular systems.  Health Through Awareness was created as an offshoot of TDI and is a bridge between diagnosis and implementation of a healthy diet and lifestyle modifications for overall wellness.

TDI website is using the 4 no design of WP Responsive Pro Slider Plugin of (pro demo).

We want to make our field available to anyone interested in psychotherapy subjects; therapists, clients and others who work with or are concerned with mental health. Here you will find relevant academic articles, research references, and book reviews.

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We’re a new PlayWear label for girls aged 0-8 based in sunny Bondi Beach. We like fun, so our designs are bright and playful and most importantly, they’re easy to wear. We got rid of as many buttons, zips and annoying clasps as possible so kids can dress themselves.

PlayWear website using one of the section with the use of 41 no design of  WP Recent Pro Slider Plugin (pro demo).


This is Israel’s news website that displays news about icons honabeirut.

Honabeirut website has the article section using the 4 no design of WP Recent Pro Slider Plugin (pro demo).

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