Why We Suggest Core WordPress Plugins Development
October 26, 2015 Anoop Ranawat

WordPress has always been the best Content Management System (CMS) to work with. But, have you ever wondered about around 40,000 third party plugins that represent the beating heart of WordPress. They ease development as you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and can simply install these on your website to achieve functionalities ranging from a shopping cart to social sharing and slide shows. But not always the pre-builded plugins comes with the bunch of advantages.

Problem with the Pre-Builded Plugins

At the very first instance, WordPress users need to comprehend that they are putting their websites’ performance in the unknown developer’s hands each time they install a plugin. If you are lucky enough and the developer is good at what he has developed and responsibly minded, the chances of falling into problems are less (yet it doesn’t come with a guarantee). But not all developers are authoritative with the plugins they develop.

When you install a plugin to your website, anything can happen. For instance, the load speed of your website can be seriously affected. It can even crash completely due to the update which is not supported by your website design or layout. In fact, some unethical developers create malware plugins (or hack into otherwise trustworthy plugins) with no other aim than to create pain in your ass. There are the variety of possibilities we may face every time we click on the Activate button.

WordPress core plugin development

We at WPOnlineSupport always opt for core plugin development as per the requirements of the client for many beneficial reasons.

Benefits of Core Plugin Development

With the core plugin development you enhance the benefits like:

  1. Adding Features As Per Your Need

    The reason behind the plugin development is to facilitate functionality you are seeking for at your fingertip. With the core plugin development you would be able to add custom features that are vital and stands in the first place for your site’s performance.

  2. Modify Existing Features

    If the existing features that you developed according to your website’s requirement ain’t needed anymore or you envision a scope of improving that functionality, modifying comes to your rescue and helps you get more out of the plugins.

  3. Remove What You Don’t Like in Future

    There may come occasions where you don’t require a certain feature of the plugin as it may be eating up your resources of your website. In such a situation you can either remove certain functionality while retaining the others.

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