Case Study – Customize WordPress Plugin Development
November 17, 2018 Hardik Shah

There was a demand from the customer about the customized Word -Press Plugin that sends the e-mail with information about the

1) Property,
2) All the content related to property
3) Agent information

Based on the selection of inputs by the plugin user to the broker.

Agent Info has the following information

1) Name
2) Photo
3) E-mail
4) Phone Number
5) Office Name
6) Office Address

Property parameters are by default come from the server based on the property and design of the property.

Plugin user can change any information related to the property like property name, the design of the property, images of the property and man more….

To send the e-mail to the broker, plugin user will choose the property, design of the property and ingredients of the property, agent information and send the e-mail to the broker through custom dynamic e-mail plugin.

So, the process is like that we analyze the requirement of the customer 1st than we understand the third party plugin of the customer fully and then we customize the requirement of that 3rd party plugin.

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