Google will Add Page Experience to Ranking Signals in May 2021

Google has announced a new ranking signal for Search as its plan 6 months ago, which will be based on page experience.

It gave the website owners at least a 6 months period as a notice before giving out the update as to improve their scores before the update.

This led to an increase in usage of Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights and Search Console’s Core Web Vitals reported by the search engine.

By May 2021, Google will be finally rolling out the new page experience signals as it confirmed recently.

It also plans to bring forth a brand new visual indicator for the web pages which are in accordance with the requirements of page experience.

A bit in detail about it is that on the search results, it will be displaying the snippet or a preview of the related images to provide a short preview of what they will be provided with on the webpage.
Visual Indicators are a great way to do this and it’s another way to do the same thing.

With tests still going on, it will be rolled out around May 2021 with further details about it coming in the upcoming months.

We don’t know yet what it might look like but it would be really impactful for the people searching and coming across pictures on search results.

How would it Impact WordPress websites? Are they ready for it?

Google Will be including Core Web Vitals (Loading, Interactivity, and Visual Stability metrics), combined with existing search signals for mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS-security, and intrusive interstitial guidelines in the page experience signals.

The website owners in the next 6 months should focus on understanding the new algorithm better and be prepared about how the ranking will be affected by the new update.

With new strategies and things to deal with, the site owners should be prepared for the new algorithm to change everything about the search results as for now it seems like along with text, graphics will be as important and substantial for the new ranking system and for SEO.

What about WordPress?

Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t meet these requirements for now known by some test which uses Page Speed Insights on a few of the websites for the largest companies, hosts, and agenciesGoogle’s Core Web Vitals assessment gives a pass or fail rating, with a “pass” requiring a good result in all three metrics.

A well known search marketing agency, Screaming Frog published a report regarding the devices that passed the Core Web Vitals assessment and found out that only 12% of mobile and 13% of desktop passed it.

It used the PageSpeed Insights API to test 20,000 websites, they were selected through the organic results.

Most website owners still have a long way to go to make drastic changes to their methods for meeting the requirements for passing the core web vitals assessment.

Last month, the project reported that 60% of AMP domains pass the Core web vitals metrics metrics meaning 75% of pages on the domain passed), compared to 12% of non-AMP domains passing based on the same criteria.

The AMP Project Manager Naina Raisinghani said, “Looking ahead to Google Search’s upcoming rollout of using page experience signals in ranking, we challenged ourselves to consider how we could better support the AMP community and reach a point where we are able to guarantee that all AMP domains meet the criteria included in the page experience ranking signal.”

AMP using websites are encouraged to check out the guide regarding AMP Page Experience. It is a tool which focuses on improving the page experience metrics of developers with practical advice.

Soon Google will be planning on rolling out non-AMP content that should be eligible for mobile placement in top search features for search and other features.

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