What Is InboundWP Marketing Pluign?

InboundWP marketing pluign is about creating valuable experiences that have a positive impact on people and your business. How do you do that? You attract prospects and customers to your website and blog through relevant and helpful content. Once they arrive, you engage with them using conversational tools

InboundWP Marketing Pluign Introduce modules :

1) SpinWheel

Spin Wheel is the modernize inboundWP module for lead generation and to grow sales by Interactive user experience. Spinning the wheel will give your business next level height with user interaction and user satisfaction.

Your customers will be easy to type in their email/name and spin the wheel right on desktop as well as on their mobile phone and tablet. Coupons will be sent to customers via emails OR user can use same Coupon at checkout page.

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SpinWheel work with
WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download plugins

Checkout the Key features here

The best way to collect emails ever and user can win the offers

1) Create page-wise template

You can create different type of spin wheel for different pages within the website. For Eg: Page 1-Spin Wheel1, Page 2- Spin Wheel 2 etc. Easy to create and easy to set.

2) Customizable & Probability

There is control to customize segments, background color, segment text/color, border width, delay time. You can manage wheel stock color, wheel text color and main background image or color.

You can also set Probability for each offer ie for 50% OFF Probability will be 10%, 30% OFF Probability will be 40%, 10% OFF Probability will be 80% etc

3) Unlimited Segment Creation

It is compatible to create any number of segments. You can add Coupons/create Segments which will display on the Wheel Spin. You have to provide Segment Name, Win Result (text will display on the segment user got), Coupon Code and Probability.

4) View Analytics with Google

Analytics is the best way to measure your customer experience with our Spin Wheel. You can view various analytical data in your Google Analytics like number of time wheel clicked, form filled by number of users and submitted. user refereed from which page etc.

5) Emails and Export Tools

You can find all the details in your backend like email entered by user for respective Spin Wheel and which coupon code they got.

A congratulation email will be sent if a customer winning a prize be spinning the wheel. The email will be sent to the email address that the customer has just typed in.

You can export all these emails and can use any email tool like Mailchimp / Aweber/ Mailpoet for email marketing.

6) Wheel Coupon Result

There are 2 cases of messages that will be send to user and display on front-end side:

Front-end message: There are two cases of messages that will be displayed on front-end. A message for the case that a customer wins something. Another for the case that a customer hit the piece with “non” value type.

Email Message :
The content of email sending to customers to inform them the coupon code they receive