Let your WordPress Website Popup something useful, every time you need!

Guys, popup doesn’t always mean ‘In your face’! Sometimes, it is fun, it is engagement and more than that, and it can be a utility tool for your WordPress Website.

So, today we are going to talk about one of the latest plugins that have set the trend among the business owners. So let’s talk about ‘Popup anything on click’ plugin delivers great utility.

Being a business owner, we always have a feeling to get visitor’s attention on our website. We always search for the best ways to enhance our website. So, with our plugin; popup anything on click, you can make your visitors get easily attracted.


Without wasting time, let’s focus on the USP of the plugin. Popup anything on click has currently 20K active installations. Using the plugin, you can popup anything by clicking on a link, image or button.

  • You can also manage modal popups for your WordPress website, and you can also add unlimited popups. Yes, there is no limit for adding popups with WP OnlineSupport.
  • The PRO version of the plugin offers 10+ effects, 8+ positions as well as custom overlay and loader color.
  • Using the popup plugin, as a user, you can add any content into the popup such as HTML, shortcodes, images, etc.
  • As said earlier, you can utilize the popup plugin on 8 different positions on your WordPress screen.

In simple words, we can say that you can customize the plugin as Popup on link click, Popup on an image click and Popup on button click. All these three types make it worth for your WordPress website to add some spunk and creativity.

Introducing Popup Anything On click

Moreover, you can add custom animation features to the modal popups such as fade in, slide, fall, flip, blur, rotate, sign, super scaled, slit, corner, etc.

One more amazing thing about the plugin is its full-screen popup option that covers the entire screen for a popup. While using the plugin, you can select loader color and speed as well as overlay color and opacity.

So, friends, that’s all about popup anything on click by WP Onlinesupport. We shall see you soon with the next plugin information. Till then take care, keep updating your website for better visibility and performance.