Installation of Buttons With Style require a few small clicks. To install the plugin, please use the following steps:

  • Go to and Download, Buttons With Style.
  • Upload the ‘Buttons With Style’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  • Activate the Buttons With Style plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • You can also go to Plugins-> Add New -> Search for “Buttons With Style”

Buttons With Style should now be installed successfully!

Getting started with Buttons With Style

Button lets you build custom buttons with Foundation Icon Fonts, 5 class of buttons, 3 type and 3 styles. Perfect for hyperlinks, downloads, promotions, or redirects. plugin allows you add, manage and display buttons on your WordPress website.

How to display and shortcode

The display Buttons With Style is very simple. Just add the following shortcode on any page:

Buttons With Style contains two short codes.
1) type
[bws_button link="" type="radius"]
2) class
[bws_button name="Submit" class="success"]
3) style
[bws_button name="Send" style="shadow"]
4) target
[bws_button name="YOUR BUTTON NAME" target="blank"]
5) Foundation Icon class
[bws_button icon_class="star"]
6) Foundation Icon Size
[bws_button icon_size="medium"]

Complete shortcode examples are:

Shortcode parameters

Following are Short Code Parameters:


  • link: [bws_button link=""](i.e button link parameter)
  • name: [bws_button name="button-name"](i.e name of button i.e Submit OR Send etc)
  • type: [bws_button type="radius"] (i.e type can be used radius, square, round)
  • class: [bws_button class="success"](i.e class can be used success, primary, secondary, info, alert)
  • style: [bws_button style="shadow"] (i.e style can be used shadow, plane, border i.e all)
  • target: [bws_button target="blank"](i.e target can be used blank, self )
  • size: [bws_button size="tiny"](i.e button size tiny, small, largem, expand)
  • icon_class: [bws_button icon_class="star"]
    (i.e add the icon class. Here is link for all Foundation Icon Fonts )
  • icon_size: [bws_button icon_size="medium"] (i.e set the icon size. Values are large, medium and small)

Updated On 26 Oct 2016