Installation of WP News and Scrolling Widgets requires a few small clicks. To install the plugin, please use the following steps:

Via WordPress dashboard

  • Go to Plugins-> Click on Add New.
  • Search for “WP News and Scrolling Widgets”
  • Click on “Install Now” button and activate.

With FTP

  • Go to and Download WP News and Scrolling Widgets.
  • Upload the ‘sp-news-and-widget’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  • Activate the WP News and Scrolling Widgets plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • You can also go to Plugins-> Add New -> Search for “WP News and Scrolling Widgets”

WP News and Scrolling Widgets should now be installed successfully!

Getting started with WP News and Scrolling Widgets

WP News and Scrolling Widgets add a Menu tab in WP Admin side with the name “News” where you can add a new News post, edit and delete. You can also add categories for News.
The below screen shows how to add a News post. You just click on “Add News” and an insert News title and contents as you add for WordPress post.

How to display and shortcodes

Display a News page is very simple. Just go to Pages-> add New and add page title i.e Our News and shortcode [sp_news].

Note: Please make sure that Permalink link should not be “/news” Otherwise all your news will go to archive page. You can give it other name like “/ournews, /latestnews etc”


1) Display News in a page (list view and grid view)
[sp_news limit="10"]

2) Display Latest News on Homepage/Frontpage in list view and grid view
[sp_news limit="3" grid="3"]

3) Display News post by category:
[sp_news category="category_id"]

Complete shortcode example:

Following are News Parameters:

  • Limit: [sp_news limit="10"] (Display latest 10 News post and then pagination).
  • Pagination Type: [sp_news pagination_type="numeric"] (Select the pagination type for news. i.e “numeric” OR “next-prev”).
  • Category: [sp_news category="category_id"] (Display News post categories wise).
  • Grid: [sp_news grid="2"] (Display News in Grid formats).
  • Show Date: [sp_news show_date="false"] (Display News date OR not. By default value is “True”. Options are “ture OR false”)
  • Show Content: [sp_news show_content="true" ] (Display News post Short content OR not. By default value is “True”. Options are “ture OR false”).
  • Show Full Content: [sp_news show_full_content="true"] (Display Full news content on main page if you do not want word limit. By default value is “false”)
  • Show Category Name: [sp_news show_category_name="true" ] (Display News post category name OR not. By default value is “True”. Options are “ture OR false”).
  • Content Words Limit: [sp_news content_words_limit="30" ] (Control News post short content Words limt. By default limit is 20 words).


Right now this plugin contains 3 Widgets.

  • Latest News Widget
  • Latest News Scrolling Widget
  • Latest News with thumb Widget

Widget Options are added like Show News date, Show News Categories, Select News Categories. Just got to Appearance -> Widget and select Widget.

Widgets News Scroll Setting

News widgets setting has given with options IE. Widget Scrolling Direction, Number of news visible at a time, Enter delay, Enter speed.

Updated On 26 Oct 2016