Present Your Portfolio in a Pretty and Professional Way

Whenever you are out there looking for some fresh work, the first question that generally pops up is, ‘do you have a portfolio?’ No ,the matter you are a freelancer, a part of a company/ agency or a big organization itself, your portfolio is what everyone is interested in

Portfolio, the collection of all your hard work and creativity is something you must show it to the audience in a way that they can’t take their eyes off. And one must do justice to their portfolio by presenting it in a professional and pleasing manner. Why?

On a website, hard work acts like a magnet that attracts viewers and brings in business. It even builds your brand by that the professionalism. But its magnetic power only works if you are representing it in such a way otherwise, it’s a disaster.

Especially people in the field of designing like web, mobile app, fashion or photography, etc., a portfolio speaks for their experience. One such freelance web designer approached us with a wish to exhibit his excellent collection of work to the big agencies such that they will fall for it.

We never force a plugin on someone and pressurize them to buy it, see for yourself what we did;

We picked our Portfolio and Projects Plugin from our garden of innovative plugins and handed over to our client for free to get the taste of it and very soon himself returned to get the premium version of it.

You too can take a trial of its free version of buy premium along with other plugins by checking out our pricing options.

Since the customer was no ordinary one, a front-end designer, the expectations for his portfolio was high like the sky. But we are prepared for any challenges and so we used the Bootstrap, foundation framework,HTML and Javascript to enhance the front-end of the portfolio section of the customer.

After that, we built a dynamic header for the customer, thus allowing him to push his entire necessary content from the backend and made his  -end look neat and perfect. To be very frank, this was not at all an easy nut to crack, but we passed with flying colors indeed.

Next was the most enticing thing that each one of us is always eager to know – the features. After exploring some of the Brilliant WordPress Portfolio Plugins since 2018, when asked by the freelance web designer what features does our plugin comes along with? We rolled out a list of it and here they are;

  1. 15+ predefined designs
  2. Full responsiveness
  3. Portfolio grid view
  4. 100% multi-language
  5. Custom CSS editor
  6. Portfolio filtration
  7. Category-wise portfolio presentation
  8. Change post order with Drag & Drop
  9. Number of portfolios to be displayed in Limit
  10. Two types of pagination

We have the ability to customize any third party plugin from any simple to complex level with minimum effort and economic price. For more information about the customization, plan Click Here

We didn’t put a limit to it so that our customer can himself create more and more portfolio sections and add his work in it as much as he desires. As an add-on, our Portfolio Plugin also has on it a Powerful Shortcode Generator Tool that will save time.

We even suggested our customer some of the best WordPress themes for portfolios that are trending in 2018 which will add more detail to his website.

When he added his fabulous collection of work in his portfolio and showed it to us, we felt we got rewarded already.