Existing WordPress Theme VS PSD: Pros and Cons

PSD and WordPress Theme are two different ways for developing a website from scratch. It is very important to understand the pros and cons of PSD and WordPress Theme both before taking any decision about choosing any one of them.

WordPress Theme(Pros)

1.   Less Development Time

      WordPress Theme provides full HTML so it does not take long time to develop.

2.   Predefined Layouts

      WordPress Theme comes with some predefined layouts.

3.  Predefined Functionalities

      WordPress Theme comes with some predefined functionality like slider, testimonials .

4.  Newer Functionality

     Newer functionality comes when WordPress Theme update takes place.

      You can get up and running faster with WordPress Theme.


1.  Customization

      PSD provides full control of code and we can easily customize it.

2.  Light weight Code

     There is no unnecessary code as the development happens from scratch

3.  Security

      We take care of security concerns also easily and effectively.

4.  Cross Browser Compatibility

      We can make our PSD working properly in all the browsers with different versions.

5.  W3C Standard Validation

      Our HTML follow all the guidelines of W3C Markup Validation Service.

What are WordPress pre-designed themes and their limitations?

WordPress provides thousands of pre-designed themes. The theme attractiveness level will depend on the skills and experience of the developers. A website represents your business online, so it becomes necessary for you to choose an ideal theme, or customize the existing one.

Businesses need flexible website design for making spontaneous changes to obtain maximum performance. Pre-designed themes are intended to suit common scenarios and not the specific needs of your business.

How custom WordPress themes are a better option?

A custom WordPress theme provides for highlighting your unique business presence online. The site can be modified easily, according to business changes as and when required. With WordPress, you get innumerable customization options for WordPress themes, without messing around with source code.