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Athina Ts. asked 5 months ago

I have a problem with the timeline plugin. The arrows are not showing and the slide effect is not working for the timeline area.
The shortcode I use is [th-slider arrows=”true”]. Neither of the designs seems to work properly.
Could you please help?

2 Answers
Anoop Ranawat Staff answered 5 months ago

Hello Athina,
Thank you for using our pluign.
Make sure you have added shortcode and its parameter in text section and it is not breaking by any special character. If you still facing any issue, let me know your site URL. I will check the issue and will guide you.
Thanks & Regards

Athina Ts replied 5 months ago

I add the shortcode in text section (no additional tags included) but I still face the same problem.
Here is the link of my site: http://bruma.gr/test1/timeline/
Thank you for your time.

Janak Kaneriya answered 4 months ago

Hello Athina,

Thanks for the website link.

I have checked on my server and it’s working as it should.

Please paste below shortcode:
[th-slider design=”design-2″ dots=”true” arrows=”true”]

onemore thing please make sure that you are using latest version of the timeline plugin.

If still it’s not working for you please share your temporary admin credentials at support@wponlinesupport.com

so we can check and provide you better support.

Thanks & Regards,

Marco Tomasini replied 4 months ago

I’ve the same problem.
The link of my site is this: http://lopezcoins.altervista.org/blog/timeline/

Thank you for help.

Marco Tomasini replied 4 months ago

now it’s okay.
The images were too few.

Thank you.