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Welcome to WP Online Support ForumButtons with Style size="expand" is not working
Roman Russo asked 5 months ago

Dear sir or miss,
Love your plugins, but have some problem with shortcodes. In button with style i want to have a large button (from one end to another of the screen), but the command provided is not working:
I also tried
icon_size=”medium” , icon_size=”expand” and other combinations

I took these short codes directly from the Plugins Documentation. I could not make some of the other shortcodes work (like I cannot customize the color), but this is the one I care about the most.
Could you help?
Thank you!

1 Answers
Janak Kaneriya answered 5 months ago


Thanks for using our plugin.

I have created same scenario on our server and it’s working as it should.

Please make sure when you copy shortcode it’s also copy html tags which prevent the output of shortcode,

And other thing make sure that you are adding shorcode in text section of wordpress editor.

Still if you are facing problem just let us know.

And, please let us know that you are using free version or Pro version.