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Welcome to WP Online Support ForumDifference between WP Blog and Widgets & WP News and Scrolling Widget?
Jochen asked 5 months ago

What’s the difference? Both pages with demo’s look the same!
Thanks for the reply!

1 Answers
Mehul answered 5 months ago

Both plugin use different Custom post types, ‘wp blog widgets’ use blog and ‘wp news scrolling widget’ us news custom post types.
WP Blog and Widgets : Create a BLOG tab in WordPress menu tab where you can manage the the blog post. We have create this plugin because many users do not want to use WordPress POST section for blog and need a separate section for blog.
WP News Scrolling Widgets : Create a NEWS tab in WordPress menu tab where you can manage news post. We have create this for specially news purpose for the users want to show news post.