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Welcome to WP Online Support ForumCategory: Pro plugin updatesHow to upgrade from Free version to Pro version
Anoop Ranawat Staff asked 1 year ago

I am using free version of your plugin and now i want to upload Pro version. how to update the plugin to pro and also keep the work/content that I already have with the free version of this plugin?

1 Answers
Anoop Ranawat Staff answered 1 year ago

Just go to plugin section and upload Pro version –> activate. Once activated, Free version will deactivate automatically and you can use all the content of free version in Pro version.

Jan Salsbery replied 1 year ago

How do I upload the Pro version?

WP Online Support Staff replied 1 year ago

Hi Jan Salsbery,

If you had bought PRO plugin then kindly go to ‘My Account’ (http://wponlinesupport.com/my-account/) and you can see your purchase history there.
Now download the PRO plugin, Go to WordPress plugin page > Add New and click on ‘Upload Plugin’.
Upload your PRO plugin and activate it.

You can upload the PRO plugin via FTP also.

Your content will not be affected in this.

You can raise the ticket from ‘My Account’ for more detail and query.

Jochen replied 5 months ago

is this plugin fully compatible with my theme Modernize?