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Zipho asked 4 months ago

Hi There
I’m having trouble with the plugin. When I post and publish a blog entry using the plugin and then click on the author of the plugin the following result shows up:Nothing Found. It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.
This seems to only happen when I try use the WP Blog and Widget plugin. When I post anything else using the usual method of adding and publishing  a blog post via “Posts” from the backend, everything seems to work fine. 
Is there any way you could help me resolve this issue? I would like to continue using this plugin. Thanks
Kind Regards

1 Answers
Rafik Malek answered 4 months ago

Hello Zipho,

Thanks for using our plugin.

This is not a plugin issue.
Author page is handle by your theme.
so, please check your theme.
is there a author.php is available or not?

Thanks and Regards
Jagir Bahesh
Sr. WordPress Developer
WP Online Support.