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ove sandersen asked 5 months ago

I made a bootstrap site a while ago including the slick slider and I was very happy with it. now I want to move my site to WordPress. So I bought the Slick Slider Pro, but I just can’t get it to look the same as the one on my bootstrap site. Is it possible? If so, please advise me.
I did some css changes on my bootstrap site, but it is basicly a “variable wIdth” slider, with the thumbnails under it, and it has a specific max-height.
WHen trying on my wordpress site the images dont scale correcly, they are too big! the thumbnails are not there ans so on….
My bootstrap site: ovesandersen.com
my upcoming WordPress site: ovesandersen.com/wordpress

1 Answers
Janak Kaneriya answered 5 months ago


As you are a pro plugin user,

We have answered you query in Ticket #1012.

Please follow the ticket we are more frequent there.