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Matthew Hutchings asked 4 months ago

I’m testing out the news widget for our website – http://www.hellohorsham.co.uk
Works well and I will probably need the pro version but one problem I have:
The news list page is fine but the individual news item pages pics my right sidebar page template (i’m using DIVI) and I want it to use the full width template.
Is there any way to do this?

1 Answers
Rafik Malek answered 4 months ago

Hello Matthew,

Thanks for using our free version plugin.
I think are you taking about single page of news.
Every single post page is handle by your theme.
so, you need to check your theme’s single.php file.

For News pro plugin here i am sending link for that
Demo Link: http://demo.wponlinesupport.com/prodemo/news-plugin-pro/
Purchase Link: https://www.wponlinesupport.com/wp-plugin/sp-news-and-scrolling-widgets/

if you have any problem please let me know.
we are happy to help you.

Thanks and Regards
Jagir Bahesh
Sr. WordPress Developer
WP Online Support.