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Welcome to WP Online Support ForumCategory: WP Blog and WidgetsParameters of WP Blog and Widget Plugin don’t work
Marit asked 5 months ago

I’m using template twenty-seventeen and can’t get the parameters working. They don’t change anything. I don’t want the category to show, I want to extend the words in the short-view to 30, but both don’t appear. I’m using: [blog show_category_name=“false” content_words_limit=“30”] in the the page I use for my blog.
I’d also like to have a grid on my blogpage, but that parameter doesn’t work either.
Am I doing something wrong?

2 Answers
Mehul answered 5 months ago

Hello Marit,

Thank you for using our plugin.

First thing, Make sure you have paste the short-code in WordPress text-editor, not in the visual-editor. Second thing is do not copy short-code form anywhere, try to write the short-code with parameter manually with quotes also. because if copy from anywhere it will take it as special character and break the short-code.

let me know if you still have any issue with this.

Thanks & Regards
Team – WP Online Support

Jochen replied 5 months ago

I have a bit of the same problem. Some parameters work (like grid=3 en limit= 3) but Author= “false” doesn’t work.
I have this shortcode: [blog grid=”3″ limit=”3″ author=”false”]

Janak Kaneriya answered 5 months ago

Hello Jochen,

We have answered all of your query in the separate forum question.

Please follow here:
Some adjustment questions