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Stefanie asked 5 months ago

Plugin: Portfolio and Projects
I like your Portfolio and Projects plugin, but I would really like to have more control over how the slider is displayed. Slick slider has many options, but we are limited to only one way of showing within your plugin.
I would love the option to have the “dot” page indicators on the slider be thumbnails of the images that display underneath the current slide image. Then the slider would only show one slide at a time, have no arrows, and not start automatically. You would then click on each thumbnail to see the full size image in the slider.
Perhaps this is already possible with the paid version of the plugin. If so, please let me know. If not, please consider adding more options such as these.
Thank you.

2 Answers
Mehul answered 5 months ago

Thank you for using our plugin.
In Pro version we have various parameters of the slick slider, you can check our demo and documentation here.
Also we have added many features and lots of designs in the Pro version.
Demo Link : Demo Link
Document Link : Document Link
Thanks & Regards
WP Online Support

Stefanie Newton replied 5 months ago

Thank you for your reply. I ended up purchasing the pro version. It’s very nice, but I would still love to see more options for different presentations of the slider, not just controlling the one presentation. A feature suggestion would be the choice to use all the slider options found on the Slick Slider page: https://kenwheeler.github.io/slick/, and I would especially love to have the page indicators be image thumbnails. Just a suggestion that would make a great plugin even better 🙂

Mehul answered 5 months ago

Thank you for Purchasing with us 🙂
and thanks for suggestions, we will take it as feature request and talk with our team.
However, if you have any question regarding plugin then you can create the ticket from ‘my-account’ and write your query there.
Thanks & Regards
WP Online Support