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Welcome to WP Online Support ForumCategory: WP Slick Slider and Image CarouselIs it possible to change the color of arrows in Swiper slider?
Karin Willekes asked 5 months ago

How can I change the blue color of the left and right arrows in Swiper slider? I’m using the slider here: http://www.graphicfish.nl/annetdejong/

1 Answers
Janak Kaneriya answered 5 months ago


Actually These arrows are images not created by CSS.

So you can change the arrows image by below CSS:
for next arrow
.swiper-button-next{background-image: url(“Image url”);}
for previous arrow
.swiper-button-prev{background-image: url(“Image url”);}

Paste below CSS in style.css of your theme.

Let, me know if there is anything