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Welcome to WP Online Support ForumCategory: WP Responsive Recent Post SliderResponsive Recent Post Slider – Formatting Issue
Ryan Houseman asked 5 months ago

I have your Responsive Recent Post Slider in a test page on my site: https://wholesomehousewife.com/front-page-test/
The arrows are not formatted properly in the slider- there is 1 white arrow, 1 gray arrow, and what looks like the background spilling out and making the whole arrow field much larger than it should be. Also, the arrows don’t correspond to the action they do. No matter which arrow you push, the slider advances forward. If you click the gray space before the arrow, it will send the slider backwards.
Please help!

1 Answers
Anoop Ranawat Staff answered 5 months ago


Thanks for the website link. I have checked and found that your theme CSS is conflicting with plugin CSS. Please add below CSS code to plugin settings > Custom CSS and update us for the same.

.recent-post-slider button.slick-arrow{min-width:auto;}

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