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Hao asked 2 months ago

I tried slides_scroll=”3″ to make it scroll 3 logos at one time but it is always scroll 1 logo only. 
Can you please help? Many Thanls!

2 Answers
Anoop Ranawat Staff answered 2 months ago


Can you please share a screenshot showing how you are adding the shortcode?

hao replied 2 months ago

[logoshowcase slides_scroll="3" center_mode="true" dots="false" slides_column="5" ]

Sure, that is my shortcodes. And I find another bug that the dots still displays in small screens.

Janak Kaneriya Staff answered 2 months ago


Thanks for your response.

It’s because you set the centermode true. when you set the centermode true it will scroll only one logo.

If, you want to scroll 3 logos at a time please set center_mode=”false” .

Let, me know if you have any query.

hao replied 2 months ago

Thanks for help!