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Welcome to WP Online Support ForumCategory: Video Gallery and Playervideo-gallery-landing-page-article-title-block-is-not-changing-colour-even-after-editing-css
Amanda Perry asked 4 months ago

Hi there.  i have been chatting with your support crew who havent been able to assist me and have suggested that I post with the developers forum to resolve.  Take a look at wordpress.gluemorepackaging.co.za . You will see on every page the title block headers are in the colour #0D284A.  But if you click on the video gallery and click on a video, it defaults to the templates original CSS.  I have amended the CSS style sheet which has pulled through on every other page except the video landing pages.  Please urgently assist

1 Answers
Anoop Ranawat Staff answered 4 months ago


Please check your video page single page now. We have fixed the issue.