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Anthony Reece asked 3 weeks ago

Our PRO version does NOT sort by orderby, postsID, category=”BB”, etc or any other combination. Order never changes. Video sort order does not save and always put order last to first. Help?

1 Answers
Janak Kaneriya Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hello Anthony,

I think you used wrong value in paramter:

if you use orderby paramter you should use parameter order like you want ascending or descending. by default it will take desceding order.
Order By: [video_gallery orderby=”post_date”] (Set the video sort by. By default value is “post_date”. Options are “ID”, “title”, “post_date”, “modified”, “rand”, “menu_order”.)

parameter is wrong if you want to show specific postid video gallery shortcode would be like this.
[video_gallery posts=”1,5,6″] (Display only specific video posts. You can pass multiple post id by comma separated.)

you put wrong value in category parameter.value must be category id.
[video_gallery category=”1,2,3″] (Display video gallery for specific categories.)

Let, me know if you have any query.