3 Simple and Effective WordPress Tricks for Beginners

WordPress hosts over 25% of the world’s websites. No mere website builder, this powerful content management system can be daunting for beginners. What you need are simple WordPress tricks to beat the overwhelm.

Your luck is in because we have three such tricks right here to help. These tips will help you speed up your site, keep it secure, and make it easy to navigate for visitors.

Read on to learn how!

1. Keep Your Plugins and Themes up to Date

Plugins help add to the flexibility of WordPress. It’s easy to install hundreds of plugins for specific features.

Image sliding galleries, widgets for custom code, or portfolio plugins can be useful. But over time, all that extra code slows down your site’s performance.

Google already penalizes slow-loading websites but Facebook will stop prioritizing links to slow websites soon too.

Set yourself the task to remove any plugins or themes you’re not using on a regular basis. For plugins, choose “deactivate” first, and then remove.

If you don’t keep themes and plugins updated, they can also become a security risk. Hackers can use compromised plugins as a backdoor into your site.

Don’t give them that opportunity. Only use plugins and themes you need from developers you trust like WP OnlineSupport.

2. Change Your Admin Log-In Details

Are you still using “admin” as a username to log in? It’s the first guess for any hacker trying to access your site.

Solve the problem by creating a new admin account with a more difficult to guess username.

To add a new admin, go to “Users” in the menu bar. Choose to “Add New.” Insert a username, an email address, and choose the role, then pick “administrator.”

Now you can delete the generic “admin” user. Log in with your new details in future to help keep your site that much safer.

You can use this same process to add contributors or editors if you plan to have lots of people adding posts to your site.

3. Use Categories and Tags to Optimize Content

No article on WordPress tricks would be complete without looking at categories and tags. They let you highlight where your site should display your content.

Let’s pretend you run a beauty blog. You might post a range of content, including tutorials, un-boxings, reviews, or videos. Assign each new post to those categories to make it easier for visitors to find the content they’re interested in.

Tags make it easy to cross-reference content across your site. They function like miniature search terms.

Using the beauty blog example, you might tag your reviews with brand names. Visitors can click on those tags to see all of your posts about those specific brands.

These WordPress Tricks Will Help You Level Up

Following simple WordPress tricks like this one make your site easier to use. Visitors will reward the better user experience by spending longer on your site.

That sends Google the message that your website is worth sending more traffic to. Higher search rankings are always good!

But if you feel that you still need help with WordPress, contact us for more support.

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