Slick Slider and Image Carousel

Display multiple slick image slider and carousel using shortcode with category. Fully responsive, Swipe enabled, Desktop mouse dragging and Infinite looping. Fully accessible with arrow key navigation Autoplay, dots, arrows etc.

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What is Slick Slider Plugin?

Sliders, Carousels, Slideshows, No matter what you call them, sliders are an incredibly versatile design tool that allow you to showcase images and other content beautifully and more effectively while maximizing the space on your website.  While content sliders are great to have, they can also be awkwardly used if someone attempts to use them for the sake of being “cool” or “trendy”.

The term slider is used for a design element, which is added to a WordPress page to display visual content. From classic image slideshows to modern full screen sliders, sliders come in all shapes and sizes. Using the right WordPress slider plugin, it’s easy to create your own sliders.

There are many WordPress slider plugins available, which allow you to create sliders and add them to any page or post on your site. We at WP OnlineSupport created a WordPress Plugin using Slick Slider jQuery called Slick Slider and Image Carousel.

How to Install and Activate Slick Slider and Image Carousel on your Website?

Typically, free slider plugins offer only basic features, such as the ability to create image sliders with captions and simple transitions. When you upgrade to a premium slider plugin, you can start building more complex sliders using images, text, content, CTAs, animations, and more.

Slick Slider and Image Carousel give many features like slider, carousel, center mode, variable width plus 90+ designs.

Check this link for complete doc showing how to install and setup:


Slick Slider and Image Carousel have evolved to provide greater functionality and features beyond simple images and text. This plugin come with many function like:

  • Slider
  • Carousel
  • Center Mode
  • Variable Width

With Slick Slider and Image Carousel you can easily set up a dynamic slider, and you can create your Slider with a few clicks.

Slick Slider and Image Carousel is an easy to use WordPress plugin, it is user friendly and fully customizable. It’s the perfect choice for creating simple image sliders which look great on any site. For easy navigation you can create a thumbnail slider, and besides that, you can create even a WordPress carousel.

Slick Slider and Image Carousel can be used on all kind of websites however they’re most commonly used on business websites or professional portfolio websites. One clear advantage of using this plugin is that website owners can place all their important content in a visually appealing and interactive slideshow at the top of the page before their main content. This allows users to quickly see the highlights and take action.

Slick Slider and Image Carousel can run slideshows automatically without user input by moving slides on pre-defined time intervals. Sliders can also respond to user interaction like click or swipe to view next or previous slides. Additionally, this plugin  can also have buttons or thumbnails which users can click to view a particular slide in the slider.

Here are the benefits of using our Slick Slider and Image Carousel on your website:

If you searched in the WP plugins directory earlier, you may have found a lot of slider plugins. Why should you choose Slick Slider and Image Carousel? Because with Slick Slider and Image Carousel you can set up your layout with 90+ designs, you can create :

  • Slider
  • Carousel
  • Canter Slider
  • Variable Width Slider

Slider View gives you 30 designs. Also an option to enable thumbnails navigation in the right side to the slider.

Carousel and Center View gives you 30 designs.

Variable with Slider gives you 30 designs.

Category wise Sliders

Gutenberg block and WP Bakery page builder support.

Gutenberg Enable Support

Templating features allow you to override any this plugin design in your theme as per your need in your theme. 

Multiple Setting for slider/carousel configurations.

You can catch the visitors’ attention. Use it as a homepage slider, put a call to action button on it, and navigate to your post.

The content can dynamically change. You create it once, and if you create a new post, your slider will refresh automatically.

Highlight certain content. You can show your latest post in a recognizable place.

Of course, you can create an unlimited number of dynamic sliders, carousel.

Best Practice Tips for Using  Slick Slider and Image Carousel Plugin

Before you dive into creating a post slider/carousel , there are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Choose a Prominent Location: Place your post slider/carousel somewhere where people are going to see it.

2) Choose the right layout and design: We know that any WordPress free or Pro theme or even a page builder gives this functionality. BUT they all come with basic layouts and limited designs. Using this plugin you need to choose a right layout and design then fit in your theme as per your need.