WooCommerce Is Testing An Instagram Feature That Could Change Business

WooCommerce is about to test a feature which will be heavily benefiting the business which wants to target Instagram for their marketing, It is called the checkout feature which makes it easier to carry out transactions on Instagram, it will allow its user to checkout on the app itself after they decide on purchasing a product

This is a huge step for Facebook since the start of the pandemic the common public has started to rely on online shopping and what’s better than to shop from a reliable place like Facebook and Instagram. This can be a large piece of the puzzle of Facebook’s long term investment in ecommerce.  

When Instagram introduced this checkout feature back in 2019, it was reported that approximately 130 million users tapped on the ecommerce posts to reveal product tags in shopping posts every month. 

Easy Instagram Payments

A good news for business owners who wanted to extend their audience to Instagram by funneling orders from the social network into their own stores. For those shoppers who had to leave Instagram to carry out transactions for the desired products, they don’t have to go through this hassle anymore, without leaving the app, they can do the checkout on Instagram itself. The checkout will be supporting integration with several e-commerce platform partners including Shopify and bigcommerce and will soon be available for woocommerce merchants. 

A new feature called the Instagram shopping checkout is being tested by Woocommerce for its Facebook for woocommerce plugin, with a total of more than 900,000 active installs on wordpress.org this feature will be very helpful for 900,000 websites that are using this plugin and who have an intention to get into Instagram’s marketplace.

Currently, the checkout capabilities are being tested in closed beta but you can test it if you sign up for the feature. But for that the businesses that should be registered in the USA and it should meet certain requirements, However the beta is gradually expanding to other regions.  

WooCommerce is supporting posts which are sales intentional and from which people can buy marketed products, these are the products that are sourced from a product catalog created on Facebook and is being linked to the live store through an Instagram business account.

Instagram’s checkout goes a little further to provide a native checkout experience inside the app itself. Merchants won’t have to pay any selling fees until December 21, 2020. After that, the fee is going to be 5% per shipment or a flat fee of $0.40 for shipments of $8.00 or less. 

Final Thoughts

Shoppers have to only enter their information at first and Instagram takes care of the rest providing all the necessary information shipment and delivery notifications inside the app itself. 

For now Instagram shopping checkout is being tested in beta but will definitely be coming to WooCommerce in the near future after the launch date is decided.