WordPress Custom Post Type

WordPress Custom Post Type

WordPress Custom post types and taxonomies are what make WordPress a Content Management System (CMS), and not just a blogging platform.

WP OnlineSupport have expertise in the converting concept of the WordPress custom post type into the development of WordPress Plugins:

  1. WP News and Scrolling Widget
  2. WP Blog and Widget
  3. Album Image Gallery and slider
  4. Video Gallery and Player

WordPress comes with two main content types: –

  1. Post
  2. Pages

The beauty of WordPress is that apart from these above-mentioned main content types, you can create as many custom content types as you like and these custom content types are referred to as Custom Post Types.

Today, We would like to explore about the Custom Post Types and the significance of it.

For example, I am an owner of the music release company and would like to add a music review section to our website. So, through the use of custom post type would be able to post a review, artist’s name and possibly the genre and many more beyond our imagination.

Custom post types are nothing but a basic post but has different sets of parameters defined in your code.

WordPress comes with different type of post types:

  1. Post
  2. Page
  3. Attachment
  4. Revision

Examples of Post Types are: – Portfolio, Testimonials, Products.

We would be more than happy to develop plugin around custom post type like Custom Post Type UI. available in WordPress marketplace.

Wrapping Up

WordPress Custom Post Type feature transforms WordPress from a blogging platform to a fully-fledged content management system.