Google Fonts Pro Plugin for WordPress

Fonts play a major role in conveying the message of your business, product, or purpose. For instance, if you own a website that deals with kids’ products, fonts like Comic Sans convey a clear message about it. On the other hand, news websites or blogs prefer going for Times New Roman or fonts the like. The best part is today we have customized WordPress plugin for Google Fonts.

Google has come up with revolutionary fonts of different sizes, shapes, and types. Adding Google fonts to your website or blog will get your platform extra mileage. Nevertheless, at times, it is difficult to integrate the fonts, and thus, webmasters may prefer dropping the idea of it ultimately making a loss to the website or blog. Well, not anymore! WPOnlineSupport has come up with a revolutionary Google Fonts Pro plugin for WordPress that not only make your website beautiful but also gives it a great opportunity to select fonts from hundreds of types.

Why Google Fonts Pro WordPress Plugin?

If you own a website or blog, having this marvelous plugin makes great sense. You can add Google fonts to any WordPress theme. You don’t need to have any complex coding as it can integrate well with almost all the WordPress versions.

The WordPress plugin for fonts from Google allows you to have total control over the theme’s typography and this works with any theme of WP. Moreover, by using this wonderful WordPress plugin from WPOnlineSupport, you can assign fonts to various parts of your posts or pages such as headings, tag, titles, body, and things the like.

Unparalleled features of Google Fonts Plugin

When you get this special tool developed by WPOnlineSupport, the masters in WordPress plugin development you are ensured that you have various fonts to use. Easy to install or integrate, this plugin gets you over 600 different fonts. Here are the features at a glance:

  • Hundreds of fonts of different sizes and types
  • Use more than one type of fonts on a single page or post
  • Specify every element of the page or post with different font size or type
  • You can add or remove any font family
  • You can even select fonts for tagging
  • Tthe the code is written as per WordPress standards, so easy to maintain
  • Fully responsive plugin, so you don’t need to worry about sizes of devices
  • Custom CSS available to customize it further

WPOnlineSupport is a renowned WordPress themes and plugin development company. It promises to come up with innovative and feature-rich products that can help your website or blog reaching newer heights.