WordPress LMS Case Study: Wevun

About the Client Company

Wevun is a learning website that offers educational as well as extracurricular courses for students in the most engaging way. As an LMS website, Wevun provides a wide variety of courses for children across the globe and with it, you can learn about anything you can imagine with teachers from around the world safely, securely from the comfort of your environment.

Client Needs & Requirements

The Learning Management System Wevun wanted its tutor’s dashboard to be customized according to their requirements and the convenience of the tutor with the addition of certain features for the tutor to have a better and comfortable teaching experience with the students along with proper scheduling and managing time with the calendar modifications for the tutors.

Challenges Faced

With all the requirements mentioned by the clients, we were to create student listing functionality but the plugin didn’t allow it to be particular showing the enrolled students in the listing too which created a problem and our expert WordPress developers had to look into it to resolve it for the clients. In addition to that, to add the listing functionality, we faced certain difficulty in adding it directly to the plugin.

Since the calendar plugin was completely Javascript based, we faced difficulty opening and operating it in WordPress and integrating it in the WordPress admin panel.

Our Take On the Challenges

In order to integrate the required functionality and resolve the challenges that we faced, at first we had to completely go through the entire plugin code to check it thoroughly and find the issue that we had to resolve. Also with the calendar plugin being completely written in Javascript, we had to find a way to integrate it into our client’s admin panel.


Once we figured out ways to resolve the challenges that we faced, it was easier for us to make the necessary modifications and add the required features to the instructor’s dashboard through the child theme and its additional files. We overwrote the child-theme template and carried out most of the work on it. The first one being the listing feature where the instructor can list out the students. After checking the entire plugin code, we added the feature by bringing it through SQL.

Our team integrated the calendar plugin by linking the calendar main page in the dashboard. When it is to be clicked, the calendar plugin will be opened in a new window providing the full experience of the plugin thereby resolving the clash of WordPress. In addition to that, when the instructor presses the back button, we modified it in such a way that the link goes back to the tutor’s dashboard.

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