WPOnlineSupport – WordPress Plugin and Renew License

WordPress Plugin Updates and Renew License 

It’s important to keep installing WordPress plugin updates, as this keeps your website running smoothly, secure and bug-free.

Que:-1 What Does WordPress Product License Mean?

Licenses refer to the number of sites that can use our plugins/themes. A valid and active license key is required in order to get the automatic theme/plugin update and support for purchased WPOnlineSupport products.

Ques:- 2 What Happens When The License Expires?

You can continue using the plugin/theme with all the premium features for a lifetime. However, your premium support access and automatic updates will be cut off.

Ques:- 3 What Payment Options Do You Support?
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Paypal

Ques:- 4  What Do I Get When I Renew?

Our Top 12 WordPress Plugin’s update is available for you in the below table and other plugin’s update is in the changelog button of the respective plugin.  You can go through the update based on your previous purchase history.

WPOnlineSupport WP Plugin Updates WPOnlineSupport WP Plugin Updates
WP News and Scrolling Widget Updates WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider Updates
Album and Image Gallery Plus LightBox Updates WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel Updates
WP-Responsive FAQ with category Updates Countdown Timer Ultimate Updates
WP Testimonial With Widget Updates Blog Designer Updates
WP Blog and Widgets Updates WP Featured Content and Slider Updates
WP-Responsive Recent Post Slider Plugin Updates WP Team Showcase and Slider Updates

Ques:- 5  How Can I Get Support For The Purchased Product?

You can get support via different ways.

1. Do Live Chat with us at www.wponlinesupport.com

2. You first go to My Account and after Login will be able to create the support ticket.

Our dedicated support team will get back to you from few minutes to 48 hours time (workdays).

Ques:- 6 Do I Have To Renew Each Year For Your Products To Work?

Absolutely not! themes/plugins will continue to work after a year. All premium features will work fine. Our annual fees are there so we can continue to provide updates and outstanding support.