WordPress Security Cases With Cadila Pharmaceuticals & Group Companies

WordPress caters clients of all sizes; from small to large scale media sites to huge enterprises and global corporations.

Cadila Pharmaceutical is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in India and a leading global pharmaceutical Brand.

Cadila Pharmaceutical Ltd ( CPL ) corporate website www.cadilapharma.com has been designed in WordPress by Our Parent Company SP Technolab. The other WordPress websties done for the Cadila group company are Karnavati Engineering Ltd & iamicon ,which is a Cadila Pharma Doctors website for excellence in medical innovation.

Security Issues:

Both www.cadilapharma.com & Karnavati Engineering Ltd came under threat and were hacked with an index.html file incorporated under ROOT directory. The main reason behind this was weak password and “admin” username. We clean up the site and restore the backup of their site and change the username from “admin” to other name eg. Wrgtupaude and a strong password. Also we changed the login limit to 2, This means that if someone try to login in your website with various dynamic scripts generating password combination and failed login more than 2 times, software will block the IP address for some time.

WordPress is about plugins, using plugins invites easy security threat and hence requires vigilance and continuous maintenance of WordPress websites.

A clear maintenance plan was created by www.wponlinesupport.com to use security plugin for ip tracing as well as certain basic security guidelines and checkpoint was created.

We used ithemes Security Pro Version and BackupBuddy Pro version for securing the website and constant

vigilance was plan for any upgrade of plugins or WordPress support.

Every new release of WordPress contains patches and fixes that address real or potential vulnerabilities. If you don’t keep your website updated with the latest version of WordPress, you could be leaving yourself open to attacks.

Many hackers will intentionally target older versions of WordPress with known security issues, so keep an eye on your Dashboard notification area and don’t ignore those ‘Please update now’ messages.

With the experience we look forward to maintain, change plugins and WordPress version timely, guide for right compatible plugins, support & secure more and more WordPress websites.

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