5 Most Common WordPress Myths or Misconceptions

5 Most Common WordPress Myths or Misconceptions

WordPress powers one-third of the World Wide Web. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular content management systems so far. 

Clients who are looking forward to investing in WordPress websites have often come across various misconceptions about WordPress. So, here we debug the many common myths about WordPress. 

About WordPress

Well, WordPress is one of the most friendly CMS designed so far. It is an open-source platform allowing developers to build dynamic yet SEO-friendly websites with minor coding requirements. 

WordPress is known for its versatility and extendibility. It offers a lot of customization to empower your websites with the best user experience. Nevertheless, WordPress offers excellent eCommerce functionality for building online stores via WooCommerce. 

5 Most Common WordPress Myths & Misconceptions

All popular things are criticized. But when it comes to the most popular CMS in the world, there are misconceptions; which need to be debunked. So, here we have represented the most common WordPress myths. 

1. WordPress = A Blogging Platform 

WordPress is popular for blogging. But it doesn’t mean that WordPress is only meant for bloggers. When we say that WordPress accounts for one-third of power on the web, it doesn’t mean that all the websites are blogger sites. WordPress is quite a versatile platform; it has also expanded its wings into eCommerce by presenting the powerful eCommerce tool, WooCommerce. 

From Fortune 500 Companies to NGOs and eCommerce companies, everyone trusts WordPress because it offers a lot more than other website development platforms. Apart from being an excellent blogging platform, it provides infinite website themes and plugins for business owners; who dream of having a fully functional website. 

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2. WordPress is Not a Secure Platform 

When we talk about the technical platforms, CMS, the Internet of things, or anything man-made, we cannot have it 100% secure or without bugs. Every product has got some loops that are easy to fix. 

Likewise, WordPress, one of the most popular and used CMS globally, also got some minor bugs and issues fixed by following the technical procedure. It doesn’t mean that WordPress is not secure or less secure. 

Indeed, WordPress is a comparatively more secure website development platform than others available on the net. If you have heard from a client or friend about their WordPress website being hacked, try to find out if their website was updated or had secure website hosting. 

In short, many reasons are accountable for making your website less secure. It is not because you are using the WordPress CMS. Don’t believe these WordPress security myths; instead, try innovative with your product or service by installing it. 

3. WordPress is CHEAP Because it is FREE

All open-source platforms on the web are FREE. But it doesn’t mean that it is cheap for business or commercial use. WordPress offers impressive features being an open-source platform, but at the same time, there is a lot that can be done on WordPress by paying a premium price for the page builder or theme that you are utilizing. 

For complex websites, WordPress can be customized into a better version with the help of expert WordPress developers

4. WordPress is Not SEO-Friendly 

Well, WordPress is an SEO powerhouse. So, why have second thoughts about it considered it is not SEO-friendly? These are mere WordPress SEO myths. 

WordPress is more beautiful and versatile with the help of themes and plugins. WordPress themes and plugins are designed keeping in mind the SEO benefits. Downloading any plugin on WordPress is mostly SEO-optimized. So, let’s debunk this thought that WordPress is not SEO-friendly. 

5. WordPress is Only For Startup Firms

WordPress is relatively easy to learn. It is meant for people who wish to manage their website independently without any technical person’s interference. But where does it prove that WordPress is only for startups?

WordPress is only for beginners or startups are some stupid myths about WordPress. Indeed, WordPress is more versatile and has feature-rich extendibility. It can be used by beginners, online store owners, restaurants and retailers, marketing firm owners, NGOs, fortune companies, etc.

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WordPress Myths Busted!

With the help of our WordPress developers and analysts, here we have debunked some of the common WordPress myths and misconceptions. There is nothing that one cannot do using the WordPress CMS or WooCommerce Store.

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