All about the membership and maintenance of your WooCommerce

All about the membership and maintenance of your WooCommerce

To gain trust and build a loyal brand on your ecommerce store, you can definitely buy the membership of WooCommerce. Memberships let you explore and experiment more on your store, plus it also allows your viewers or customers to buy from your store.

In other words, it basically helps in faster sales growth for your ecommerce business. With the help of many plugins, it is easy to set up a WooCommerce membership plan.

There are many plugins in WooCommerce that helps in setting up your membership plan easily. One can always learn and set it up individually or manually, otherwise you can have an expert by your side who ensures the work is done on time without any error.

To make it easy for you, you can hire a ‘WP OnlineSupport’ group which has a team of experts to set up the membership, and take care of maintenance and support for your ecommerce store. Now let me brief you about the membership plans on WooCommerce-

1. WooCommerce Membership Extension

Helps in creating a fan base or a community of your loyal customers for your brand.

2. Envato Membership Plugin

Less expensive and you can buy it at $39. It helps in restricting users from accessing pages and updates on your site and it helps in selling the memberships.

3. MemberPress

You have the control of providing specific access to your site to your customers. Here, you are privileged to charge it from your customers via online payment gateways.

4. YITH Plugin

This plugin is easy to use, and it creates a space only for your paid members and customers to access your store. Its features include the-unlimited memberships, particular content access, editing and deleting your content, managing unregistered users and customers, etc. You can choose the plan of $99 for a single site license.

5. WooCommerce Pro

This option is a high-end option for marketing, managing, and creating user-friendly, detailed membership plans. With WooCommerce groups and memberships on your eCommerce site, you can generate recurring income and provide members-only discounts on particular products.

With the help of this plugin, you may create income by selling and managing membership plans. This costs $99 for a single-site plan.

WooCommerce Maintenance and Support

It’s a common question why maintenance is required in WooCommerce, and the simple answer is to keep your store well-managed and updated so that you can get the best out of your ecommerce store. Many people ignore the phase of maintenance and support and find it least important.

On the contrary, this is one of the most important activities to do with your store. Maintaining and supporting the store is neither easy nor tough. For maintenance and support, you can always do it by yourself and if you have not much idea about it then hiring a WooCommerce pro would be the best option for you.

The ‘WP OnlineSupport’ can provide you with the best expertise in maintaining and supporting your ecommerce store, so give it a try, and we ensure that you will not regret your decision. In order to ensure the compatibility of WooCommerce with WordPress, WooCommerce undergoes many updates, features, themes, memberships, and improvements.

Because the team which created WooCommerce is the same team which created WordPress. When we say that WooCommerce is going through many improvements, it means that we need to regularly update and maintain our stores and sites accordingly.

For web developers and experts like us, it is a necessary part, and it doesn’t seem overwhelming for us, but for someone who is not an expert may find it difficult to maintain the store and update it on a regular basis.

Maintenance vs Updates

You need to complete an extended checklist of actions for a full WooCommerce maintenance cycle, such as:

  • Internet backups
  • Determining if any items in your online store are out of stock
  • Repairing faulty webpage links
  • Repairing faulty webpage links
  • Monitoring the uptime of your website
  • Tracking changes to the product inventory
  • Security inspections
  • User experience (UX) improvement
  • The elimination of any dated information, etc.

When the WooCommerce team releases fresh security fixes, WooCommerce upgrades take place. These often address bugs or other website weaknesses. As a result, your website now has access to a more recent version of the WooCommerce plugin.

Unfortunately, if you don’t update your website frequently, the security of your WooCommerce ecommerce business may be jeopardized. Updates for WooCommerce are a little trickier than updates for other WordPress plugins. Because of this, it is preferable to install updates on a staging site, and it is typically advised that businesses hire developers. This significantly increases the security of your websites.

Things to keep in mind before you begin the maintenance of your website-

To ensure that nothing is missed, make a list of the things that need to be changed, such as the product descriptions and images. Have access to the most recent data, including updated product details, fresh picture files, etc.

Your WooCommerce site should have a backup in case anything serious happens. For instance, if your website is hacked while being maintained. Extra Tip – Using a plugin like Blog Vault, Updraft Plus, or Duplicator will speed up the backup procedure.

What does it require, maintaining your site without any risk and errors?

Primarily, it takes technical background, expertise, and skills to maintain your ecommerce website on WooCommerce. This is not a process of learning and doing it in just a day. You need to have a detailed solution to every detailed problem. Take into account that WooCommerce and WordPress were both created using the PHP programming language.

Developers use this open-source, all-purpose scripting language that is embedded into HTML. It is critical to understand this as a result. Additionally, you must be able to handle a backup without any glitches, such as losing a connection, doing backups infrequently, not backing up the complete website, etc & safely switch your WooCommerce site into maintenance mode.


Maintenance of your ecommerce site is essential and to take care of that on a day-to-day basis, you must be confident enough that you can handle it all alone and have a solution to every upcoming problem during the updating process or maintenance process. In case you don’t know already, WooCommerce is an open-source platform that is accessible within WordPress as a third-party plugin.

You won’t have any trouble getting in contact with a member of our WooCommerce support staff to ask for assistance, whether you need something straightforward completed the same day or you have a complicated query. ‘WP OnlineSupport’ is ready to take care of your ecommerce maintenance and support.