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Case Study

Happy Planet’s food and beverages use only
the freshest, highest quality ingredients that
are ethically sourced.

  • WooCommerce Gold Partner

    I’d like to share our recent experience to work with WooCommerce Gold partner & our unique methodology & tools to execute the project smoothly.


    ZIPFLAIR empowers creativity by giving artists and innovators a chance to showcase their talent in exchange for a monetary reward. It accepts all sorts of images, audios, videos, templates, & 3D models.

  • Million Chef

    Million Chef is an exotic online portal for helping the foodies around the corner surf their favourite chefs and recipes online. However, it is also for aspiring chefs to make money by selling their recipes online.

  • Payment Integration

    Our newly developed payment gateway plugin is for the WooCommerce websites who want to have a payment gateway once they add the desired products to their cart and initiate the checkout.

  • Reef Corner

    Reef Corner, for more than 15 years, has been the shop where you can not only find the most unique corals, but also the place where you will get the best advice about this fascinating hobby of collecting rare and unique corals.

  • NextVcc

    NextVcc is specifically created for the needs of companies that provide telephone services and handle incoming calls from customers. NextVcc provides you with many useful tools to grow your business: From the sharing of operators to the integrated management of work shifts and contracts.

  • Living Waters

    Living Waters is an organization that seeks to train the members of Christ’s Body in the principles of biblical evangelism and provides them with practical tools to proclaim the gospel.

  • Spring St. Dental

    Spring St. Dental is a Texas-based dental service providing a website that is devoted to restoring, enhancing, and maintaining your teeth using conservative, state-of-the-art dental procedures and providing oral health services to patients. Their website is highly interactive with appointments, service management, and other management constantly happening on the website.

  • Five Branches University

    Five Branches University is one of the first Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) colleges in the United States, recognised as one of the nation’s top TCM schools providing the highest level of professional education in Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrative medicine in the U.S. and internationally.

  • Meri Saheli

    MeriSaheli is an Indian news and entertainment website that provide all the latest entertainment news and information. Along with the entertainment news, it also is a lifestyle blog that imparts knowledge regarding interior designing, food, parenting and career. The website displays a lot of information through visuals and texts and is being updated regularly.

  • iclublondon

    iclublondon is a London-based event listing company that provides users access to current and upcoming events. It offers a range of online tickets and club listing services, built for club venues, late-night bars, and promoters.

  • BestFitbybrazil

    BestFitbybrazil is an eCommerce website that sells and deals with gym & fitness wear. Founded in 2014, they have been indulging in the allure of fashion that lies between the realms of athletic beauty & modern trends.


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Alberto Ravelli

Great WordPress knowledge, attention to detail and the fact of being friendly and fast to deliver, makes WP Online Support my most favourite agency for custom WordPress development. Thanks to their technical team, especially Rafik. I have been completing many complex tasks with PHP/JS scripts for months and the result is always 100% satisfying.

Brooklyn Design Studio

"Their ability to Develop Custom Solutions for us is Impressive."


Amazing Service

WP Online Support have been a great help to me to work out some of the kinks in my WordPress site. The team were super responsive and really quick to make the amends, and were also patient with me while I struggled. They are the best!


Impressive and top quality work

WordPress Team here is extremely professional and expedient. Their ability to work under tight deadlines was truly impressive and the work was top quality.


Excellent support!

I got a *WOW* on how quick they response to all of my emails and the speed of help fixing problems on my WP site! And they definitely deserve compliment! Well done WP online support team!