Reef Corner

About the Client Company

Reef Corner, for more than 15 years, has been the shop where you can not only find the most unique corals, but also the place where you will get the best advice about this fascinating hobby of collecting rare and unique corals.

Client Needs & Requirements

The clients needed to have additional timer settings and functionalities changed to their checkout page. And some design-related changes made to the checkout page to enhance the user experience and to improve the website interface.





Our Take on the Challenges

As they were already using a WordPress plugin named WooCommerce Cart Stock Reducer for the functionality of showcasing countdown timer for the cart stock availability, the clients were facing certain issues with the display of the countdown timer when Add to cart call to action button is being clicked.
If another visitor checks out the product, the countdown timer fails to appear on the product page and a stock limit disclaimer only gets updated once you refresh the page.



To overcome the challenge faced by our clients on their WooCommerce website, we customized the plugin which their website was using and tweaked it to function the client requirements properly. Once our team of WordPress developers rectified the problem, we made certain changes to the code through which we solved the problem of timer not being showed properly for other visitors clicking on the product and adding them to the cart.

End Results

After making all the desired changes and fulfilling all the requirements, here are the end results with the additional functionalities and changes.



See What Our Clients Have To Say?

Alberto Ravelli

Great WordPress knowledge, attention to detail and the fact of being friendly and fast to deliver, makes WP Online Support my most favourite agency for custom WordPress development. Thanks to their technical team, especially Rafik. I have been completing many complex tasks with PHP/JS scripts for months and the result is always 100% satisfying.

Brooklyn Design Studio

"Their ability to Develop Custom Solutions for us is Impressive."


Amazing Service

WP Online Support have been a great help to me to work out some of the kinks in my WordPress site. The team were super responsive and really quick to make the amends, and were also patient with me while I struggled. They are the best!


Impressive and top quality work

WordPress Team here is extremely professional and expedient. Their ability to work under tight deadlines was truly impressive and the work was top quality.


Excellent support!

I got a *WOW* on how quick they response to all of my emails and the speed of help fixing problems on my WP site! And they definitely deserve compliment! Well done WP online support team!