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WooCommerce category and theme customization

WooCommerce Category And Theme Customization

WooCommerce category and theme customization

We all are quite aware about the terms ‘categorise’ and ‘customize’. If not, then in simple words, the ‘categorise’ means to filter or separate between something which looks quite bundled up at one place. The ‘customization’ is the required changes and modifications that you do.

In order to understand this in the matter of your WooCommerce website, there is the option in your website customization section where you can categorise and organise your eCommerce store easily. You can filter out the products, list them in a section, and create a category for them. The simple route to create that is-

WordPress > WooCommerce > Products > Categories

In the section of categories, you can easily create a section allotted to your particular products and category. This gives easy access to your customers in your eCommerce store. In order to increase consumer interest in buying your products, you will be able to present them in the best possible way.

The navigation of your website becomes easy for your customers. If you own an apparel store, for instance, you should set up product categories for things like hats, shirts, and trousers.

Why and how should you create categories?

A custom category page has the important benefit of increasing sales and profitability. Additionally, by creating a better WooCommerce category page, you will be able to showcase your products in the best possible way, generating more interest from customers to buy them. 

Your customer will stay for long on your website to explore it fully with the help of categories. The best part is that WooCommerce makes it simple to construct your category page.

The lack of default choices for WooCommerce is its drawback. For each category page, for instance, you can only alter the name, slug, parent category, description text, display type, and thumbnail. 

Two – ways to create your categories:

One, with the code:

Customers will struggle to locate the products they’re looking for if you simply list a large number of products on a single page without providing any sorting or filtering options. You may use the shortcodes everywhere on your online store in WooCommerce.

If your WordPress theme doesn’t offer the appropriate templates to cleanly show products, it can struggle. To use the shortcuts, you need to know about it to create a dynamic website for your store. By default, the shortcode will display all of your WooCommerce products. 

One more suggestion- Don’t forget to satisfy customers who might unintentionally click on the incorrect link or visit the incorrect location. Your category pages must be attractive, useful, and simple to navigate. Instead of focusing on the page’s aesthetic right now, think about your users’ experience.

Second, with the plugin:

Using a WooCommerce plugin is the best (and simplest) solution for most individuals to display products by category. By doing this, you’ll have all the functionality you require right now to display things precisely how you want, without having to worry about your website breaking.

With the addition of filters, search boxes, scrollbars, and other features, this plugin presents your WooCommerce products in a table style that is fully editable.

Moreover, you might use the plugin to limit the categories or subcategories in which products are displayed. WooCommerce Product Table plugin provides two choices for achieving the aforementioned:

  • On all product category pages, a central switch can activate the product table arrangement. If you want to customise each of your product category pages, this is the best option.
  • Using a shortcode, you may manually design your WooCommerce category pages. You could only wish to include products from particular categories in the table, for instance.

Creating a WooCommerce website with the right use of plugin can help you increase your conversion so never neglect this. By using a layout or category you are saving your customers time and some space on your website that doesn’t fluctuate and does not look untidy.

In the unused space, you are free to install the navigation tabs, filters, sorting options, and a search bar. This all makes your website look more tidy and clear. 

While your website is built neatly, the role of SEO flourishes your website. Search engine optimization can also be beneficial for you because you are able to display and present more content on the customized page that allows your website to be in higher SEO rankings. 

Along with creating your category page, you can also customize it with appropriate and suitable themes to give a more lively vibe to your website. You can always create WooCommerce themes manually and with the help of a web developer expert.


In case if you don’t know how to do it manually because it requires some technical tactics to create the themes, then you can go with ‘WordPress Online Support’ for expert advice and better assistance.

We already helped many online businesses grow with a better display and look. Themes installation can be a tough task to do if done manually but when you have an expert, it becomes much easier for you to focus on other things to make your eCommerce website look dynamic.

Bugs and landing page in WooCommerce


Bugs and landing page in WooCommerce

Did you know that after building your WooCommerce website, there are 40% chances that you may face bugs and issues with your website?

Your website process, performance and outlook is compromised when you have bug problems in your website. Creating an error-free and bug-free website can make your eCommerce website run smoothly and fast.

The bugs can create most of the issues with your website payment gateways, themes, and plugins. It can make your site go down on its peak time. To avoid any bugs and errors in your site you need to optimise it to let it perform well.

1. Payment Issues

Due to unoptimized websites and bugs, WooCommerce has to go through a lot of payment bounces and having issues with your payment gateways is the worst thing that can happen with your store.

This disrupts your store and WooCommerce system. It leads to high bounce rates and can also make it difficult for your customers to make order payments. It makes it tough to complete the transaction for them.

2. Theme issues

After an upgrade, the themes that were supposed to enhance the aesthetics and vibrancy of your webstore develop bugs. This damages the feel and design of your eCommerce business and increases bounce rates.

You would require assistance from skilled Woo Developers in order to correct the issues, restore, and perfectly align the theme. Partner with us ‘WP OnlineSupport’ we can ensure the development of your website bug-free and can make your eCommerce store run smoothly.

3. Plugin Issues

The third-party plugins and add-ons that provide more functionality for your eCommerce store frequently have issues and cause conflicts. Due to this, the web-store cannot operate to its full potential. However, any plugin bugs may be updated and fixed with ease by our skilled Woo Developers.

Basics of Landing Page in WooCommerce

The literal meaning of a landing page is where your customers land after they click on your ads. Landing page is the most important part of your ads and through this page, you attract your customers and make them take action.

It is specifically made to match the content of your landing page with your visitor’s search intentions. This is how it becomes powerful when you run an ad for your brand and product.

Creating a landing page is no big deal but creating an effective and appealing landing page is a big task. You need to be careful about your ad platform guidelines and need to follow the ‘marketing psychology’ strongly here.

  • Keep track of your competitors ads and their landing pages.
  • Look out for the most successful competitors who are running the same business as you.
  • Keep an eye for details like font, theme, color, spelling, grammar, the message and your product in the landing page. 
  • Never neglect the CTA, through CTA only your customer is going to make a choice. Keep it clear and not very flashy to their eyes.
  • Always view the mobile and desktop view to check how your landing page will look on their devices.
  • Run A/B test for landing page to know what works better for your customers

These were some of the basic instructions that you need to follow while making the landing page with a great funnel to generate more sales for your business.

The common reasons of why you need to create a great landing page are:-

  1. To improve your conversion rates and generate higher sales through ads
  2. To get more leads 
  3. To test your product with relatable copy and content
  4. To offer your product in a more convincing manner
  5. To make it easy to access your product for target customers
  6. To build the information base of your target audience and so on

When it comes to landing page, it is said and proven that a customer can make a decision for your product within 8 seconds after looking at your landing page.

Landing pages works more in a psychological manner than in a technical manner. It affects the customer’s decision. For example- if your landing page colors do not vibe with your product and the colors are too flashy then you might fail to impress your customers because they are not going to like some flashy and imposing colors, they’ll leave your site before 8 seconds.

As a result, you lose one willing customer with this. That is why landing pages should be made by keeping the viewer and consumers in mind. Understanding their likes and preferences, working according to the trends, and researching more about the age group of your audience, will make you create a persuasive landing page rather than the imposing one.

Depending on your business type and the available resources, landing pages can have a variety of formats, layouts, and designs. However, they all have form fields for capturing visitor data in common.

The top funnel of your landing page is important. Customers learn more about the brand during the exploration phase at the top of the funnel. The top of the landing page sales funnel’s main objective is to increase brand recognition because leads might not be familiar with the company or its products.

Sales aren’t made here, though. Leads are made sure to know about your potential benefits at the top.

You decide what information is asked; some websites only want email addresses to send links to eBooks or newsletters. Others, on the other hand, demand more specific information, such as a name and phone number, in return for exclusive discounts or offers.

  • Decide on a theme.
  • Take out any extra content.
  • Create a homepage.
  • Make your page unique


You understand the struggle of keeping your website’s product list organized as store owners. Even if you succeed, a minor error on your website could put off visitors. Your website may not operate as well as a dedicated landing page for your online store.

To create such persuasive landing pages, you are always welcome to partner with ‘WP OnlineSupport’ to deal with your eCommerce landing page and great funnel for better and more sales.

Best WooCommerce booking plugin

Best WooCommerce booking plugin

Best WooCommerce booking plugin

You get the customers through your booking forms where your leads book an appointment or are interested in your products. Whenever you see anyone going through the booking form or filling the form means that the person is willing to buy your product and services. 

For this, WooCommerce has the Booking & Appointment plugin where you can manage all your customers & leads by enabling this option on your ecommerce store. This way, you can turn your ordinary ecommerce store to a functional & actionable store with the booking plugin.

WooCommerce provides calendar and reservation listings, booking cancellations, booking durations, etc. Through this, you can easily track your interested customers and this becomes the final step to letting your customers meet the products that you offer. 

Benefits and features of WooCommerce booking plugin

You may create bookable products on your WooCommerce store after installing this plugin. With WooCommerce’s default settings, this is not feasible. You will be able to build a bookable product and specify terms for it just as you do with any other product. Let’s now examine some of the factors that influence the success of this plugin among WooCommerce business owners.

1. 24/7 Active Bookings

The benefit of such a plugin is that it is active for the whole 24/7 and gives access to your customers at any time they want. No matter if your audience is of another country or whichever place they belong. As long as they are interested in your product, they can book it without any hindrance.

2. Fewer chances of No- Shows

There are times when people do book an appointment or your product, but then they might forget about it. So this plugin helps in nurturing your customers to be available at a certain time that they themselves chose. The plugin sends a reminder to your customer and this makes no chances of no- shows.

3. No chance of glitches

The best thing about this online booking plugin is that it gives no space for any kind of technical glitches and you and your customers won’t face any technical trouble with the bookings. It proves the success of this plugin that it works finely and smoothly with the bookings.

It will show you the registration and bookings on your calendar and plus your calendar will keep the reminder for you and your customers so that you both don’t miss it out.

4. Plugin is easily manageable 

You don’t need to manage a lot of servers or have any kind of gear to keep it running and keep getting reservations. Your website will delay accepting reservations while immediately storing all of the data. 

With the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin, you can concentrate more on the caliber of your product as well as the most essential parts of your company’s operations, such as marketing, advertising, and finances. Focusing more on essential components can increase your bookings and revenue.

Top 5 booking plugins on WooCommerce

All commercial endeavors, from salons and clinics to hotels and consulting firms, depend on appointments. In the modern world, the ability to book an appointment for your service online is becoming more and more crucial.

It’s not about you, the overworked business owner. That also applies to the clients. None of the clients have the time to finish something that would take more than an hour or two as a result. Giving clients the opportunity to make an appointment saves them time and encourages more purchases.

The top 5 Booking Plugins that you can use on WooCommerce are-

1. Plugin Hive’s

With the help of the potent WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin from PluginHive, you can make your time, products, or services bookable resources.

  • Spend less on many different sites
  • Extremely adaptable and practical user interface
  • The majority of plugins don’t offer as many price options as this one does.
  • Single site- $99
  • 5 Sites- $149
  • 25 Sites- $259

2. JET Appointment

This plugin is excellent for building several booking forms and a straightforward appointment scheduling system. You’ll be given instructions on building your first appointment form by way of an easy installation wizard. You may add numerous service providers, define holiday schedules, add working hours, and add time buffers.

  • Quite affordable
  • Designed for web designers that wish to build sophisticated appointment websites
  • Utilizing the straightforward installation wizard is simple.
Price- $19

3. BirchPress

BirchPress is a capable appointment scheduling plugin that improves the process of developing online appointment forms for your business. Using this plugin, you may notify your users by email whenever appointments are made, changed, or cancelled. BirchPress offers a clear and easy path to getting started.

  • Notifications and reminders by email
  • An adaptable reservation form
  • Developer-friendly
Price- $99

4. Amelia WordPress Appointment

You may set up a fully functional automated booking system on your website with the free WordPress plugin Amelia Lite. It’s an excellent tool for individuals and small companies who depend on reliable appointment scheduling. Amelia Lite was created using the most recent Enterprise-level technology on both the front end and the back end, guaranteeing a sleek and easy user experience.

  • Quite affordable
  •  Made for solopreneurs who rely on reservations in sight.
  • Easy to use
Price- $59

5. Booknetic

For a variety of businesses, including hotel management, beauty parlours, repair shops, and school management systems, Booknetic is an appointment booking plugin. The feature-rich platform makes it possible to completely automate booking procedures and reduce physical work. By integrating with the most widely used payment processors, such as PayPal and Stripe, Booknetic streamlines online transactions. 

  • The lowest-priced booking plugin The set cost for all time Design and UI that is intuitive Complete automation and customization of the booking panel
Price- $79


For all types of organizations, it is evident that online booking solutions are increasing both current and future bookings. Online booking, shopping, and browsing are more popular than ever, therefore it makes excellent commercial sense. Additionally, our WooCommerce Bookings Plugin enables both customers and companies to take bookings on the go as more and more businesses operate online.

A fantastic plugin that is easy to use but still incredibly effective and works with many types of businesses is WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments. So go ahead and set up the plugin with the help of ‘WordPress Online Support’.

Common issues and lead generation in WooCommerce


Common issues and lead generation in WooCommerce

The work does not end at making your ecommerce website set up on ecommerce, buying plugins, and designing your store, but it also requires a follow-up to check if any issue is there in your website or not.

To do this, you must ensure that your ecommerce store is running smoothly and is not facing any issues. You should be aware about the improvements, updates, maintenance, and developments for your website. 

WooCommerce is one of the trusted platforms and plugins for WordPress. But at many times, one can face issues of the site not working smoothly and ignoring such issues can become a big problem for your website. 

This blog is to make you aware about such common issues and to address its solution in the easiest way. Such issues involve:-

  1. Outdated version of WooCommerce
  2. Site running slowly
  3. Unoptimized images
  4. Inefficient third-party plugin
  5. Unsupported themes and hostings and so on…

In case you are also having any one of such issues, then it requires your immediate attention and action. We are not only here to address the problem but to give solutions too. 

Here are some solutions to the above-given problems:-

1. Update your WooCommerce

When we don’t have any WooCommerce experts outside, we need to look after the updates ourselves, that too on a regular basis. Keeping your WooCommerce updated and under optimization can solve nearly half of your problems. And if you don’t know much about it and don’t want to take risks for your website, then you have our support. 

We ‘WP OnlineSupport’ works every day on ecommerce stores and from building a site to maintaining and updating it, we take care of it all. 

TIP – Ensure that you run a backup of your hostings and plugins before updating your website.

2. Site Running Slowly

As I mentioned above, updating your site will solve half of your problems, so the primary solution to this issue is also to keep your WooCommerce site updated. In the case of WooCommerce website, speed matters a lot in order to rank your website finely on the basis of your website load time. It should be running smoothly otherwise slow working websites are highly ignored by your viewers. 

In the matter of ranking, your page should be ranking on the first two pages of google because let’s be honest and clear that you won’t be able to sell your products if your website is on the fifth or sixth of google page.

TIP – Optimizing your website speed is important because it is said that 1 out of 2 potential buyers will leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

3. Unoptimized Images

Unoptimized images and themes are the most common reasons for why your website is running slowly. The best thing to do while building and updating your website, make sure that your images and themes are all optimized and are of low quantity space. Unoptimized images and themes will not let your website load faster or run smoothly.

TIP – Use GTMetrix, it will let you know if your large images are a burden for your website. Use a free image optimizer tool like Smush.

4. Inefficient Third-Party Plugin 

While working on plugins and installing them, you can commit a mistake of installing a plugin which slows down your website. Third-party plugins and add-ons will affect your website processing. Make sure you install the necessary plugins only for your website.

TIP – Free tool like Query monitor will help you detect which plugin can cause slow speed on your website.

5. Unsupported Hostings

Many people using WooCommerce know that it has an ample number of themes and hostings. But many don’t know that not all of them are well-supported for your website. The reason behind slow load times and technical glitches is the unsupported hostings and themes on your website. But on the other hand, there are also a variety of supported themes.

TIP – Always use storefront themes and lightweight themes of WooCommerce

These were some of the issues with their solutions but it does not end here. There are many other minor issues which slow down your website and make your customers go back while visiting your website. 

Lead generation in WooCommerce

Getting leads and customers is one of the primary reasons behind your ecommerce store. On WooCommerce, lead generation can be performed through many contact forms. Having a premium contact form on your website will surely boost your leads. The most used contact forms include- WP forms, Ninja forms, Gravity forms, etc. 

You may check on your Analytics panel how many visitors your website will receive. How many of these visitors end up becoming clients? What are the possibilities that these visitors will return to your website? Every single person who finds your website through an organic search is a worthwhile lead.

Your revenue may significantly increase if you are able to convert a large portion of these visits into clients. They must be interested in some of the goods or products you are giving because they previously visited your website. 

Make sure you have personalized CTAs, Thank You page, Exit pop-up forms, landing pages, few question forms, contact form, etc. Such manner you will end up creating an efficient website for your ecommerce store which will boost your sales and build up a customer base.


Who can help you with the issues and lead generation?

Our team consists of many experts who work day and night around the WooCommerce sites and stores. ‘WP OnlineSupport’ is one such big group who are advanced in technology and can solve the common issues of your website. Along with that it also helps your ecommerce business grow. 

Together, we’ll design a website that is both attractive and effective. Therefore, WP Online Support is the professional digital agency you can trust and consider if you want to see your business succeed online. To find out more about how we can assist you in achieving your online objectives, contact us now!

All about the membership and maintenance of your WooCommerce


All about the membership and maintenance of your WooCommerce

To gain trust and build a loyal brand on your ecommerce store, you can definitely buy the membership of WooCommerce. Memberships let you explore and experiment more on your store, plus it also allows your viewers or customers to buy from your store.

In other words, it basically helps in faster sales growth for your ecommerce business. With the help of many plugins, it is easy to set up a WooCommerce membership plan.

There are many plugins in WooCommerce that helps in setting up your membership plan easily. One can always learn and set it up individually or manually, otherwise you can have an expert by your side who ensures the work is done on time without any error.

To make it easy for you, you can hire a ‘WP OnlineSupport’ group which has a team of experts to set up the membership, and take care of maintenance and support for your ecommerce store. Now let me brief you about the membership plans on WooCommerce-

1. WooCommerce Membership Extension

Helps in creating a fan base or a community of your loyal customers for your brand.

2. Envato Membership Plugin

Less expensive and you can buy it at $39. It helps in restricting users from accessing pages and updates on your site and it helps in selling the memberships.

3. MemberPress

You have the control of providing specific access to your site to your customers. Here, you are privileged to charge it from your customers via online payment gateways.

4. YITH Plugin

This plugin is easy to use, and it creates a space only for your paid members and customers to access your store. Its features include the-unlimited memberships, particular content access, editing and deleting your content, managing unregistered users and customers, etc. You can choose the plan of $99 for a single site license.

5. WooCommerce Pro

This option is a high-end option for marketing, managing, and creating user-friendly, detailed membership plans. With WooCommerce groups and memberships on your eCommerce site, you can generate recurring income and provide members-only discounts on particular products.

With the help of this plugin, you may create income by selling and managing membership plans. This costs $99 for a single-site plan.

WooCommerce Maintenance and Support

It’s a common question why maintenance is required in WooCommerce, and the simple answer is to keep your store well-managed and updated so that you can get the best out of your ecommerce store. Many people ignore the phase of maintenance and support and find it least important.

On the contrary, this is one of the most important activities to do with your store. Maintaining and supporting the store is neither easy nor tough. For maintenance and support, you can always do it by yourself and if you have not much idea about it then hiring a WooCommerce pro would be the best option for you.

The ‘WP OnlineSupport’ can provide you with the best expertise in maintaining and supporting your ecommerce store, so give it a try, and we ensure that you will not regret your decision. In order to ensure the compatibility of WooCommerce with WordPress, WooCommerce undergoes many updates, features, themes, memberships, and improvements.

Because the team which created WooCommerce is the same team which created WordPress. When we say that WooCommerce is going through many improvements, it means that we need to regularly update and maintain our stores and sites accordingly.

For web developers and experts like us, it is a necessary part, and it doesn’t seem overwhelming for us, but for someone who is not an expert may find it difficult to maintain the store and update it on a regular basis.

Maintenance vs Updates

You need to complete an extended checklist of actions for a full WooCommerce maintenance cycle, such as:

  • Internet backups
  • Determining if any items in your online store are out of stock
  • Repairing faulty webpage links
  • Repairing faulty webpage links
  • Monitoring the uptime of your website
  • Tracking changes to the product inventory
  • Security inspections
  • User experience (UX) improvement
  • The elimination of any dated information, etc.

When the WooCommerce team releases fresh security fixes, WooCommerce upgrades take place. These often address bugs or other website weaknesses. As a result, your website now has access to a more recent version of the WooCommerce plugin.

Unfortunately, if you don’t update your website frequently, the security of your WooCommerce ecommerce business may be jeopardized. Updates for WooCommerce are a little trickier than updates for other WordPress plugins. Because of this, it is preferable to install updates on a staging site, and it is typically advised that businesses hire developers. This significantly increases the security of your websites.

Things to keep in mind before you begin the maintenance of your website-

To ensure that nothing is missed, make a list of the things that need to be changed, such as the product descriptions and images. Have access to the most recent data, including updated product details, fresh picture files, etc.

Your WooCommerce site should have a backup in case anything serious happens. For instance, if your website is hacked while being maintained. Extra Tip – Using a plugin like Blog Vault, Updraft Plus, or Duplicator will speed up the backup procedure.

What does it require, maintaining your site without any risk and errors?

Primarily, it takes technical background, expertise, and skills to maintain your ecommerce website on WooCommerce. This is not a process of learning and doing it in just a day. You need to have a detailed solution to every detailed problem. Take into account that WooCommerce and WordPress were both created using the PHP programming language.

Developers use this open-source, all-purpose scripting language that is embedded into HTML. It is critical to understand this as a result. Additionally, you must be able to handle a backup without any glitches, such as losing a connection, doing backups infrequently, not backing up the complete website, etc & safely switch your WooCommerce site into maintenance mode.


Maintenance of your ecommerce site is essential and to take care of that on a day-to-day basis, you must be confident enough that you can handle it all alone and have a solution to every upcoming problem during the updating process or maintenance process. In case you don’t know already, WooCommerce is an open-source platform that is accessible within WordPress as a third-party plugin.

You won’t have any trouble getting in contact with a member of our WooCommerce support staff to ask for assistance, whether you need something straightforward completed the same day or you have a complicated query. ‘WP OnlineSupport’ is ready to take care of your ecommerce maintenance and support.

Design your store in WooCommerce


Design your store in WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a flexible app which gives space for modifications and changes. If you know about the WordPress plugins and themes, then you can easily modify and design the WooCommerce store according to your preferences. Which later can be adjusted and rearranged to modify the theme or look of your website functionality on WooCommerce.

In a WooCommerce store, you can always customize and arrange the store for your viewers in a very sorted manner, which leaves fewer chances of any problem for your ecommerce store. Your store design or store page gives access to your viewers or readers to go through your ecommerce store.

WooCommerce makes your ecommerce store very functional and customizable. This becomes very easy for your audience to view your products and services without having anything particular in mind.

With storefront themes installed, WooCommerce has its own default designs and themes for your store, which can be customized and modified according to the preferable look. It involves the changes in color, designs, content arrangement, the graphics and many more which makes your website and store give a specific vibe.

Why should you customize your store?

There are many ecommerce websites which are not customized and that may give a default look which doesn’t suit their websites. This condition occurs only when the person doesn’t want to customize it, doesn’t know how to customize it, doesn’t want an expert to work on it, or doesn’t want to purchase the hosting for different themes and modifications. If you also have one of these reasons, then it’s not going to work for your ecommerce store.

An ecommerce store design is the first thing a viewer sees and if it does not give them a vibe, if it’s not having good color combinations, if it’s not properly arranged, if it’s not having a suitable theme then your ecommerce store looks no use to them which makes them leave. To not let any of these situations occur with your audience, one must use the WooCommerce customization for the store.

There are few reasons why to do it-

1. Increases Customer Engagement

It deals with how long your customer or your audience stays when they visit your ecommerce store. You must be aware about the things they might like, or the look that appeals to your audience. The major purpose behind customizing and changing the look of your store with attractive designs is to make them stay longer in your store and to compel them to make the purpose or take the action.

It’s not always the words that create magic but outlook and designs matters as well. If one visits your online store and there are flashy colours which don’t suit your store then the visitor will not make a purchase and will not stay long to explore your store.

For such situations, the solution is enabling a 3D model product customizer in your store, which is particularly attractive for the window shoppers and if appeals enough to them then they will definitely want to visit and explore your store.

The purpose of this 3D model is to turn your customer into a loyal buyer with the key of window shopping. If this works out then it leads to the engagement between you and your customers.

2. Boost Your Sales

Majorly, you must focus on how your product is going to be helpful for your customer. Minorly, your store and the way you showcase your products affect the customer too. To balance the both, you must focus on both major and minor parts.

Make your product your hero, and the style and design your weapon to bring more customers and to boost your sales. Product and store customization plays a key role when you have products like eyeglasses and shoes, then you have to convince your customer how it is going to help them and why you should buy it from your store only.

Customers may fully control the design process and modify your product to meet their specific demands with a WooCommerce product configurator. Customizing a product enables consumers to make informed choices and can boost their trust that the product will satisfy their needs. To boost clients’ trust in your products and boost sales, your WooCommerce store needs a customizer.

3. To Stand Out From The Crowd

WooCommerce is very overcrowded and filled with many ecommerce stores. So to stand out from the crowd and to differ from their competitors and other stores, customization is the key to success here. A WooCommerce site with modifying setups will also advertise your expertise, dependability, know-how, and professionalism.

It can assist you in persuading passersby who have been let down by other businesses to give your shop a second shot. Customers’ ability to check the product in greater detail with the help of WooCommerce product customizers with a 360-degree viewer and zoom capabilities, which fosters an impression of objectivity.

To get the better customization and design of your store you can simply look up to the ‘WP OnlineSupport’ who can get your work done accurately and quickly in no time. We always look for the ecommerce store product and modify it accordingly to increase their sales and to grow our client’s business.

4. Customer Experience The Vibe

In order to customize and design your store, the experience of your customers plays a crucial role. It is said that it can increase the revenue by 7-8% depending on your customer’s experience. Most of the customers are willing to buy who offer them the product in a personalized manner. The chances of them buying increase.

In short, WooCommerce is one of the best platforms to design your stores. In the process of designing, you may find it technical and difficult because it can be done with the coding system, which is mastered by the developers.

To turn your viewer into a loyal customer or a buyer, the first thing that you should include in your list is to ‘hire WooCommerce developers and customizers’ which makes it far easier and better for you and your ecommerce store.

The best ecommerce developers have consistently been those who work with WooCommerce. We provide 140 region-specific gateways to integrate with, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.

It has the capacity to take major debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers (BACS). We provide easy setup, efficient order management, we can make you sell more and enhance your store design, etc. Hiring us will make your work more easily done.


According to our experience, without the right person on your in-house staff, it is practically impossible to establish an ecommerce platform that runs effectively, and training an employee is much trickier than it seems.

How to develop WooCommerce add on plugin ?

How to develop WooCommerce add on plugin ?

It’s for those who own an e-commerce website, want to make it more functional, thinking of activating WooCommerce plugin development, and want to be different and unique from their competitors, then this is for You.

WooCommerce has been the popular platform for customizing and developing your e-commerce website. The major benefit of WooCommerce is to make your websites more functioning and to give your website a personal touch. The one who is familiar with the WordPress plugin developments can easily modify & develop a WooCommerce plugin as well.

WooCommerce plugin aims at extending the functionality of WordPress plugin. By solving the issues of payment gateway, products displayed in front, building landing pages and adding specific fields for products etc. makes the owner ‘own’ their website in a more personalized manner.

Although, you can always set up your website on WooCommerce plugin for free but setting it up itself is an adventurous ride. It might not be easy for the ones who don’t know much about WordPress plugin development.

So to begin this journey, getting your hands on some basics of WordPress functions, codings, and plugins will be helpful for you. Because some technical skills would be necessary for you.

For example, you must be familiar with:-

Front end: HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Back end: SQL & PHP

WordPress plugin vs WooCommerce plugin

Using the WordPress platform, you may create, maintain, and own a website. This might be a CV or portfolio website, a business website, a blog, an online store, or anything else. To run these websites, you can purchase WordPress hosting packages from us, and we will utilize extra programs, plugins, and third-party programs to increase the website’s capabilities.

WooCommerce, on the other hand, enables you to personalize an online store or e-commerce website. It comes with its own plugins that let you use your WordPress-based WooCommerce online store to sell both digital and physical goods.

Now, let’s dive right into the process of WooCommerce add-on plugin development-

Before starting this journey, you’ll be seeing some common steps or process of the development similar to the WordPress plugin development.

Step 1 – Install and activate your WooCommerce

To ensure that you are creating only the WooCommerce plugin development or extension on your website, you must wrap up your PHP class around some snippets. The PHP contains your important metadata. It is considered as the primary entry point between the extension and WordPress plugin.

Step 2 – Naming your plugins

This step is very necessary and it deals with naming your plugins, files, and folders. As it is going to be the process common between the WooCommerce plugin and WordPress plugin, you must ensure the difference between the files, plugins, folders, classes, functions, variables, and themes. And to avoid any confusion you can always name it with some prefixes which makes it easy for you to identify and differentiate.

Step 3 – Installing version of WooCommerce

Though, it’s not required to install a developed version of WooCommerce Blocks. But it will let you use the most recent features of a stand-alone feature-plugin. As a result, you can easily determine whether your plugin is compatible with WooCommerce or not.

Execute these commands:

  • Activate The Necessary Version Of NODE
  • Running the use command while moving between multiple directories inside the same shell will ensure that the Node is activated with the appropriate version.
  • Put the dependencies in place
  • The following command should be used to set up dependencies:
  • Installing composer and node
  • Create The Assets
  • To compile and minify the CSS and JavaScript simultaneously from the assets directory, issue this following command.

The above given extension siblings need to be installed with the WooCommerce and further you can start setting up your WooCommerce store by uploading the sample products.

Step 4 – Set up the product

Capturing and applying discounts to products is one of the crucial components of building a WooCommerce plugin from the beginning. I’ll explain to you how to apply discounts to products and how to collect discounts.

You must take two crucial steps in order to capture product discounts:

Show Discount: The users will see the discount linked to the product when they perform this action.
Save Discount: The user whose custom profile value the discount is being applied to will have its value saved.

Step 5 – Utilize Coupons

Once your plugin has recorded the discounts, it must apply them to the products and lower the price by a particular, preset percentage or number.

Step 6 – Hire a WooCommerce expert

As I mentioned in the beginning of this blog, before diving into setting up your WooCommerce plugin, you must know the basics of WordPress plugin as well. But if the basics are not known, then you can end up disrupting your own website and instead of making it more functional, you can end up making it more dysfunctional.

The WooCommerce plugin development experts are familiar with the techniques involved in the process. Hence, we can make it easier for you to save your time, money and energy.

It also requires other detailed technical activities, which one might ignore even when you know about the basics. But clearly, only knowing the basics is not enough in this. One can become the expert, or one can hire the expert.

You can give yourself time to go through it all, but till that time an expert can quickly set up your plugin without any blunders, and you are good to go. The choice is up to you, so choose wisely.

You must be thinking of why to hire a WooCommerce expert, let me give you the reasons-

  • You will get enhanced security
  • It’s cost-effective
  • We are highly- communicable
  • You will get experts assistance
  • You can save your time, money and energy


We got to know about developing the WooCommerce plugin from the above-given steps. Lack of in-house knowledge and time may make it difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to build a WooCommerce plugin from the beginning.

You may always employ a trusted partner like us to handle it for you and after careful evaluation, you can decide that you don’t want to dive into the creation of the plugin yourself.

Why you need The Best WooCommerce Development Company

Why you need The Best WooCommerce Development Company

Why you need The Best WooCommerce Development Company

A well-thought-out plan is essential before moving your business online. You must prepare wisely whether you currently have a brick-and-mortar business or are just venturing into online shopping. Consider starting your digital journey by developing a WooCommerce store to get your company online.

WooCommerce is a free, open-source plugin for the popular blogging platform WordPress that may be used to create a webshop. First, let’s become familiar with WordPress and WooCommerce so we can discuss the advantages of using WooCommerce.

Having your online shop to sell your wares is becoming more popular. Doing an online business and keeping it running is today a simple task, thanks to technological advancements. But still, to have a competitive advantage – you must hire a WooCommerce Development Company.

Key reasons to hire the Best WooCommerce Development Company

The issue that emerges now is why you should hire a WooCommerce Development Company to create your online shop. Find out why by learning about the benefits laid out by WP Online Support – a top WooCommerce Development Company.

1. WooCommerce provides a great flexibility

Just consider that anyone may look at and ask about the pricing of the things you’re selling at any hour of the day. In addition, it sells real-world items in the form of both tangible goods and digital downloads.

In addition, WooCommerce POS systems offer the impressive capability of accepting almost all forms of payment at any time, improving clients’ shopping experience.

In addition, WooCommerce makes it simple to rearrange website components. However, this is not an option with competing hosted shopping cart solutions like Shopify and Squarespace. You may employ unique page layouts and category-specific themes for your items.

2. It helps in content marketing too!

Content marketing has become the catchphrase of modern internet advertising. A company with excellent content may optimize its website for search engines by targeting easy-to-obtain long-tail keywords.

But with the right content, you can quickly teach your niche’s target audience about your business and help them solve their issues. When it comes to providing material to a specific audience, WordPress is now supreme. Therefore, with the help of both worlds, you may succeed and grow your firm globally.

3. More significant benefits of WooCommerce Plugins

You’re well aware that WordPress powers a massive number of websites, and its popularity is only expected to grow. WooCommerce’s familiarity with WordPress users is because it is also a WordPress plugin.

WooCommerce’s configuration page borrows the tabbed interface from the classic WordPress admin. Knowing this, though, can help you save a lot of wasted effort and misunderstandings when you construct your online shop.

4. You can have a variety of customization options

This is just another outstanding function of WooCommerce that sets it apart. That’s because it comes with many unique templates to build your online shop, giving it a personality of its own. After settling on a concept that works for your shop, you can begin playing around with different colour palettes and design aesthetics.

The greatest thing, however, is that if you aren’t happy with any of the available themes, you can always contact WooCommerce’s customization service and have a theme made just for your company that suits your needs and tastes.

5. You can build a secure eCommerce Store

WooCommerce’s POS system is excellent since it is always up to date. There will be no need to fret about safety. That means it’s always compatible with the most recent version of WordPress and won’t give you any trouble after an upgrade.

The developers behind WooCommerce are industry leaders because they are constantly monitoring databases for vulnerabilities, driving upgrades, and fixing issues at an unprecedented rate. To sum up, an automated update system is the quickest and easiest way to detect flaws and repair them.

6. Offers enough opportunity and support for development

Suppose you run into any trouble when creating your online shop. In that case, though, this WordPress subunit has millions of active users who can help you. In addition, if you run into any issues, the WordPress unit’s customer care is second to none. It will provide you with immediate, helpful solutions.

Growing your business is something WooCommerce development can guarantee forever. The plugin’s cutting-edge add-ons imply that you may swiftly modify the templates to suit your needs.

It also features many applications programming interfaces (APIs) that users and developers can tap into to build add-ons that increase its scope and functionality.


When it comes to e-commerce platforms, WooCommerce is the most all-inclusive and feature-rich option available. WooCommerce isn’t only powerful, feature-rich, and extremely adaptable; it also uses cutting-edge methods to propel sales.

When you hire us for WordPress development, you’ll find that the procedure is far easier and less time-consuming than you would have imagined. Building a successful WooCommerce store takes effort, patience, and the right tools. That’s why it’s smart to work with a professional web design firm like ours.

Want to convert your existing eCommerce website to WooCommerce? Check out the benefit of WooCommerce migration

Want to convert your existing eCommerce website to WooCommerce? Check out the benefit of WooCommerce migration.

Want to convert your existing eCommerce website to WooCommerce? Check out the benefit of WooCommerce migration

The WooCommerce plugin and product for WordPress have swiftly established themselves as the go-to solution for online stores. Thirty percent of all online retailers are powered by WooCommerce right now.

33% of all websites run on WooCommerce, making it the fastest-growing CMS, and 22% of the top 1 million eCommerce websites utilize this plugin. That’s a credible third-party endorsement of your decision to switch to WooCommerce.

Many online shop owners are considering switching to WooCommerce because of its popularity, adaptability, and scalability. Reasons why

Like WordPress, WooCommerce has a straightforward interface that makes it simple for beginners to pick up and start using.

  • WooCommerce is a free, open-source solution, but don’t let that fool you; it’s a powerful e-commerce platform that can compete with paid alternatives like Shopify and Magento.
  • Many of WooCommerce’s add-ons are free, and the few that cost money are affordable.
  • As a result of WordPress and WooCommerce’s widespread use, it’s easier to locate a developer who can assist you with the platform than with others, which might result in higher costs and a smaller pool of qualified candidates.
  • Regarding hosting, WooCommerce is no different from any other WordPress site.
  • As an open-source platform, WooCommerce is always being improved upon.
  • As social media marketing becomes more popular for online stores than email marketing, WooCommerce was built to accommodate this shift.

Multiple e-commerce systems exist to facilitate the launch of an online shop. Many other e-commerce systems are available, but two of the most well-known are Shopify and Magento.

WooCommerce is another option that has just recently joined the group. You may get your company online fast and simply with the aid of WooCommerce.

Why are people moving their online stores to WooCommerce?

The reasons for this can be:

  • WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that makes it easier to set up an online shop with all the essential features.
  • WooCommerce, unlike competing e-commerce systems, puts full authority over your virtual shop in your hands. You can make all the decisions on the store’s layout and expansion plans, free of constraints or extra expenses.
  • WooCommerce is a highly customizable add-on for WordPress. You can extend WooCommerce’s capabilities—and your online shop’s success—with various useful add-on plugins.
  • For WooCommerce, there is a plethora of free add-ons to choose from. Premium plugins are also available, giving a lot of functionality for a fair price.
  • As with any modern e-commerce platform, WooCommerce requires social media integration.

First, you’ll want to have WordPress and WooCommerce set up so you can build a WooCommerce shop. Let’s check out the procedure.

Therefore, a WordPress website is the starting point for a WooCommerce online shop. You’ll need both a web host and a domain name for that. Install WordPress after acquiring a domain name and web hosting. WordPress has a very simple installation process.

The infamous ‘5-minute installation,’ by which WordPress is known, takes exactly 5 minutes. A website may be created with only a few clicks of the mouse.

Checkout benefit of WooCommerce migration

If you’re curious about why so many online stores are switching to WooCommerce, read on for a rundown of the nine features that have attracted merchants from across the globe.

That’s because it saves money.

Since WooCommerce is free and open-source, anybody may change it or create new plugins.

It’s versatile.

WooCommerce may be used to sell everything from actual goods to digital files. It is flexible enough to be used by any online store, independent of the goods they sell or the niche they occupy.

Friendly to users.

Anyone with even rudimentary WordPress or computer skills can set up, configure, and manage their store using WooCommerce.

WordPress, now the most widely used content management system

Following in the footsteps of WordPress, as WooCommerce does, enables you to create a first-rate eCommerce platform for online business owners and their consumers.

In terms of analytics, it simplifies the process.

WooCommerce’s built-in analytics tools are both easy to use and comprehensive. They may help shop owners learn more about their clientele. The key metrics, such as best-sellers, sales by date, and client details, are shown in clear charts.

It’s home to a vibrant group of individuals.

Users may get support and encouragement from the platform’s thriving community. In addition, there is a wealth of resources available, including detailed manuals, articles, and FAQs.

Any changes you want to make may be made.

The online shop may be tailored to the individual needs of the company. Many different themes and plugins are available for WooCommerce, giving you a wide range of options for how your online shop looks and functions.

The level of safety is top-notch.

Installing a new security patch whenever it arrives takes a single mouse click. Keeping your WooCommerce installation and all of its plugins up-to-date is a great way to protect your online shop from malicious hackers.

It’s always becoming better and more advanced.

Hundreds of thousands of programmers and users from all around the globe are continually shaping the platform.


Business owners and decision-makers often avoid making the switch to a new platform because they are afraid of losing customer data and orders. The transition from any platform to WooCommerce is streamlined and painless, so don’t worry about losing any business in the process.