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WooCommerce Plugin Development

WooCommerce Plugin Development

WordPress is often regarded as the top option for web designers and entrepreneurs that want to boost online product exposure and sales. Its widespread popularity among webmasters stems from the platform’s high usability and plenty of useful features.

Developing a custom plugin may be necessary if your WooCommerce shop serves a highly specific niche market and you need to modify some aspects of the platform to better suit your needs. A WooCommerce plugin’s principal function is to facilitate the development of a unique shopping experience on the plugin’s e-commerce platform.

Plus, merchants might feel more invested in their online shop because of the ways in which WooCommerce plugins enhance the platform’s fundamental capabilities. A WooCommerce plugin allows you to add functionality to your online store that may not be built in.

Some of the options available to you as a shop owner include enabling a chosen payment method, altering the storefront’s presentation of goods, and adding new fields to individual items.

You may enhance the default WooCommerce plugin in any way you choose. Essential Plugin’s WooCommerce professionals may modify a plugin so that it works flawlessly with your online shop.

If you want to expand the functionality of your WooCommerce shop with the help of plugins, then Essential Plugin is what you need. The WooCommerce engineers and professionals at Essential Plugin are fully capable of altering or integrating any 3rd Party plugin. We can easily meet any need for a plugin, whether it’s for a pre-made extension or something completely unique.

Our Woo professionals may also create specialized WooCommerce plugins to meet the specific needs of your company. Our developers will make sure the extension works well with your current system and WooCommerce’s fundamental features. Our programmers may add any functionality, such as several languages or currencies, by using a plugin.

Here are just a few of the many advantages of creating WordPress plugins:

1. Speed

Any business that cares about its success and its customers has to prioritize the demands of its customers by designing a user-friendly website. As a result of the site’s increased performance, visitors’ likelihood of sticking around is increased thanks to a custom plugin developed by a reputable WordPress plugin development firm.

2. Secure and simple to use

Having a WordPress plugin development business create a bespoke plugin for your site that guarantees 100% satisfaction and safeguards it from security risks is one of the greatest ways to increase security. There should be no ifs, or maybes about having a safe website.

We can swiftly add blog posts, images, and new pages with the aid of a WordPress Plugin development firm, so you don’t have to waste time looking for a website that can do the same for you at a price that fits your budget.

This platform stands out from the competition because of its user-friendly design and straightforward functionality. The same holds true since the technology behind WordPress is user-friendly and helps to cut down on formatting time.

3. Compatibility with search engines

WordPress’s clear and concise code makes it simple for search engines to understand what a website is about. There are also keywords, descriptions, and titles for each page, picture, and post.

This ensures the most effective optimization search possible. We may improve the results of our optimization efforts in terms of website traffic by using more tags.

4. Seamless Communication

Having open lines of communication benefits both the company and its employees. There is evidence that bespoke WordPress plugins have better maintenance and support, reducing or even eliminating the need for regular plugin upgrades.

5. Boost Performance

Every company needs updates after a while in order to serve their customers better, but revamping or remodeling the website isn’t always an option because of the time, money, and effort it costs.

At this point, the developer community for WordPress plugins provides helpful solutions. You may simply and cheaply add new features to your site with the aid of these plugins, and they can also be used to enhance the functioning of your site’s current features.

6. Extends Functionalities

It’s possible that a large number of website owners like to see a variety of alterations made to the operation of the WordPress website with the choice of customizing capabilities by which one may alter the website to suit their own requirements.

Supporting user needs and delivering exactly what the website owner envisions is what custom WordPress plugin development is all about.

7. Backlinks Creation

Because they point search engines in the direction of a certain website, backlinks are an essential component of SEO. WordPress plugins allow us to generate as many connections to our site as possible, and some of them may even build us some very great backlinks, which in turn increases the site’s visibility.


If you’re looking for a location to build plugins, Essential Plugins is the best option. Every page, from the homepage to the products page to the checkout plugin, is fully modifiable by you. Included in our WooCommerce Plugin Development Services are WooCommerce Plugin Modification, WooCommerce Plugin Upgrade, WooCommerce Subscription Plugin, Custom WooCommerce Plugin Development, WooCommerce Payment Plugin Development, and Much more.

Top 8 Ways To Speed Up WooCommerce Store

Top 8 Ways To Speed Up WooCommerce Store

How long should an eCommerce website take to load?

It shouldn’t take more than two seconds. 

Don’t be surprised if your website loading speed is more than two seconds; you lose the visitor in the third second. 

And, your competitor would be happy to have your visitor on their website.

Hence, it is important to speed up the WooCommerce store to retain your customers and enhance your store sales. 

How fast should a website load in 2021?

So, you know that having a high-speed website is important for your business. Now, the question is how to speed your WooCommerce store? 

WP OnlineSupport helps WooCommerce store owners enhance their website engagement, thereby working on their UI/UX.

Our experts are ready to share some awesome tips to speed up the WooCommerce backend, thereby helping you record more sales each day.

Before we start sharing the tips for increasing your WooCommerce store speed, you need to know at what speed your website currently loads.

There are a few tools that help you measure it, such as GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insights. You can use any of these tools to determine the current speed of your WooCommerce store.

How to Speed Up WooCommerce Backend and Database?

Here are the top 8 ways to speed up the WooCommerce store, thereby helping you record more sales on your eCommerce platform.

1. Choose a Lightweight WooCommerce Theme

When you launch your new store using WooCommerce, you get many theme choices to select for your website. This is exactly where you need to understand your website’s speed importance. 

Always opt for a lightweight WooCommerce store theme to help your product images load faster than usual. Complex websites often come with ample coding, which can affect your website’s speed. 

On the other hand, if you are only good at using the heavy theme, you need to extend your website’s memory or consult a WooCommerce expert to guide you to enhance its loading speed. 

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2. Select a High-quality Host 

Best website hosting must be a priority for online store owners. Your website’s internal hardware is very responsible in the manner it manages the online traffic on your website.

Hence, you must select a high-quality and reliable web hosting plan while setting up your online store.

The right web hosting plan speeds up the WooCommerce database, thereby helping you record the sales you expect on your website after putting in much SEO effort.

Tips for selecting the best web hosting provider

  • Make sure your host provides global data centers 
  • It must offer CDN 
  • It must offer high-performance SSD-based storage
  • It offers server-side caching 

Well, if you are still not sure about how to find the right WooCommerce website hosting provider, you can connect to our experts for the right guidance and support.

3. Don’t Overload Your Website With Plugins

Too much of anything is always dangerous. The same applies here on your WooCommerce website. One of the reasons to slow the speed of your store is the overloaded plugins and widgets. 

As a website owner, you must choose only the required plugins or widgets to help your website in increasing user engagement or traffic.

The plugins send additional HTTP requests and add extra CSS files to your online store. Nevertheless, plugins also add database queries.

Hence you need to limit the use of plugins on your website. Otherwise, it results in the slow loading of your website. Also, idle or unused plugins are a threat to your website’s security, so it’s better to have plugins or widgets essential for your website’s performance. 

4. Optimize Images

An eCommerce store needs to publish many images to gain customer engagement. But these images can be one of the reasons to slow down your WooCommerce store. Hence, you need to work on image optimization. 

To speed up the WooCommerce backend, you cannot delete the important images, but yes, you can compress the image size. 

Few tips to optimize your WooCommerce store images

  • Choose the right image format
  • Choose the right image size 
  • Run the store images through an image compressor 

5. Optimize Website Code

Your website has many files in the database—these files slow down the website loading in the upcoming days. Hence, optimizing the website code becomes essential to speed up the WooCommerce store. 

Here are a few tips that you can try to optimize your WooCommerce store code

  • Reduce the size of static resources
  • Optimize the CSS resources
  • Optimize large JavaScript files

6. Enhance the Memory Limit Of Your Website

By default, WordPress offers 32MB memory for PHP. But when you are running an eCommerce store, 32MB memory isn’t enough. And, when the memory is full- it results in slow website speed. 

Hence, you need to enhance the memory limit of your website to enhance the speed and overall website performance. A standard WooCommerce store selling more than 1000 products on its website requires 256 MB storage. Once you enhance your website’s storage, the website speed might improve with a faster loading pace.  

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7. Cache Your WooCommerce Website

Caching is beneficial for loading faster websites. The process of caching stores the website resources on the user’s device or the server. It helps the user to load the previously visited pages at a faster pace. 

There are different WordPress caching plugins available online that can be installed on your WooCommerce store.  WP Rocket is one of the best caching plugins; installing it can help you enhance your website speed or performance. 

8. Spring Clean Your WooCommerce Database

We clean the temporary files from our desktop or laptop to improve the device speed. Likewise, we need to spring clean the website store backend to speed up the WooCommerce database. 

There are Database Cleanup plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory that helps in cleaning the junk files from your WordPress website. Activating it can help your website to remain clean, thereby improving website performance. 

Wrapping Up

Website speed matters a lot, especially when you are running a product or service selling a website. Our WP OnlineSupport experts have shared eight important tips to improve overall WordPress website performance and speed and also you can visit us for WordPress Services.

If you are still confused, you must consult our WooCommerce experts to fix your website speed issues. We are just a click away!

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The 5 Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways 2022

The 5 Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways 2022

Running an eCommerce website? Accepting customer payment via different payment gateways must be one of the essential requirements. 

While running a WooCommerce store, you need a WooCommerce payment gateway for secure payment transactions on your website. 

Most eCommerce website owners are concerned about choosing the right payment gateways for their WooCommerce websites.

Well, here we are with our latest blog on WooCommerce payment gateways. So, let’s check the top five payment gateway integrations. 

What is WooCommerce Payment Gateway Integration?

A payment gateway is an interface that allows online store owners to accept electronic payments. If you are running an online store and selling products or services online, you require a payment gateway to help you accept payments when you make a sale. 

what is payment gateway

Source: Squareup

WooCommerce payment gateways are interfaces that allow the WooCommerce store owner to accept payments from the customers or clients online. Whether you believe it or not, the payment gateway integrations play a major role in the success of your online store. Online customers always prefer to transact via secure payment gateways for completing a purchase. To be precise, quick and secure online payment gateways are a win-win situation for both the merchant and the customer. 

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Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways in 2022

Now, let’s talk about the best five WooCommerce payment gateways that will enhance your online store sales, thereby gaining customer trust and interest. 

1. WooCommerce Payments

WooCommerce Payments is more than just an online payment gateway integration. It accepts the payments from your online customers and helps your store manage the cash flow with recurring revenues. 

It eliminates the need for a third-party platform as all your payments are managed from the WooCommerce dashboard. It offers pay-as-you-go transaction fees. Hence we can say it is a free payment integration platform for WooCommerce. 


  • No monthly fees
  • Accepts 135+ currencies from across the globe
  • Helps to manage workflow with ease
  • Offers a streamlined checkout flow
  • Helps in managing recurring revenues 
  • Saves customer details for quick checkout process

To get started with WooCommerce Payments, the website owners can simply download the extension and activate it under the payment section on their WooCommerce store. Indeed, it is one of the best WooCommerce payment gateways in 2022. 

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2. Stripe 

Stripe is a single online payment gateway solution for all business types. Whether running an online startup or managing a multi-store enterprise, Stripe Payment works for all. 

Stripe is one of the recommended WooCommerce payment gateways for accepting and sending online money. It not only helps you accept/send payments; but also helps you to track your income and spending via the dashboard. 


  • Per transaction fee: 2.90% + 030 per transaction
  • Accepts 135+ currencies from across the globe
  • Pay-as-you-use model, no monthly fees
  • Also accepts local payment methods 
  • Payment reports and insights
  • Instant payouts

You can download the extension online for free to get started with Stripe as your WooCommerce payment gateway integration. 

3. Square for WooCommerce

With a clear rates slab and quick deposits, Square for WooCommerce emerges as one of the best WooCommerce payment gateways for your online store. 

Square is a recommended online payment integration for both in-person payments as well as online payments. To manage in-person payments, you can check more about Square with its POS solutions, whereas Square for WooCommerce will help you accept payments securely on your eCommerce store. 


  • It accepts payments in different modes, including online, in-person, manual, and remote. 
  • It offers a clear pricing model with a flat fee per transaction. 
  • Deposits money in your bank within two working days
  • It also accepts digital wallets 
  • It offers itemized transaction reports
  • Dedicated payment dispute team for managing disputes 

You can download the extension online for free to get started with Square as your WooCommerce payment gateway integration. 

4. Amazon Pay

New for many online store owners, Amazon Pay is a reliable and secure payment gateway integration for WooCommerce. Here the customers use their existing Amazon account while transacting on your WooCommerce website. 

It has no monthly charges to levy on your WooCommerce store, and it is a pay-as-you-use payment integration gateway for accepting online payments on your online store. 


  • Accepts payments that are deducted from the user’s Amazon account
  • It is a free platform 
  • Best for all types of businesses, including startups and non-profit organizations
  • It accepts Alexa voice commands
  • It offers recurring payment options 
  • Per transaction fee: 2.90% + 030 per transaction

You can download the Amazon Pay extension for free to get started with the WooCommerce store for accepting payments. 

5. PayPal PRO

PayPal PRO is one of the most popular online payment integration platforms for accepting payments on your eCommerce store. We have been associated with PayPal for years; now, it’s time to get a bit more knowledge about their online business solution, i.e., PayPal PRO. 

WooCommerce offers a PayPal PRO extension for helping the store owners integrate PayPal for accepting online payments. Also, it is quite easy to set up and use for managing your store payments.


  • Available in 200 regions and countries
  • It accepts payments from various banks and cards. 
  • Per transaction fee: 2.90% per transaction with an additional 1.5% for International transactions. 
  • Quite easy to set up, it offers the most secure payment gateway for eCommerce sites

You can download the PayPal PRO extension for free to get started with the WooCommerce store for accepting payments. 


Does your WooCommerce store need to set up a WooCommerce payment gateway? Connect with our Woocommerce Developers and Hire the Best WooCommerce Experts for payment gateway integration services. As a store owner, you can also enhance your store’s engagement and user experience by customizing your checkout page consulting our WooCommerce developers. We are just a click away to help you customize your WooCommerce store product page, WooCommerce dropshipping, categories, checkout, and other site elements.

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What are WooCommerce Hooks? Introduction, Types, & Examples

What are WooCommerce Hooks Introduction, Types, & Examples

Do you know that Developers are in love with Hooks? 

Be it WordPress or WooCommerce Hooks, it helps developers to accomplish their goals without any intervention. It is more exciting because it is beyond coding. 

When you think of launching your online eCommerce store, you don’t have enough technical knowledge but as you keep going closer to your goals of launching the store; you learn a lot of new things. 

For sure, you might have heard about the WooCommerce plugin that helps to convert your WordPress website into an eCommerce store.

Well, WooCommerce hooks are one of the ways for enhancing the extendibility or function of your existing store. 

What are Hooks in WordPress?

We have been using WordPress for a while. WordPress websites have different inbuilt themes, using which we try to launch our website. Well, each theme is a kind of parent theme that is designed in advance by WordPress Experts.

To make any changes in WordPress, the experts try to make a child theme in which different types of customizations are made possible.

WordPress hooks are a kind of way to alter the current WordPress theme for extending the functionality of the website. WordPress hooks lists are divided into two types: Action hooks and filter hooks. 

What are WooCommerce Hooks?

Just like WordPress hooks, your WooCommerce store also has the accessibility of going away above the features of the parent WooCommerce theme.

WooCommerce hooks allow your WooCommerce store to be customized with different filters and for performing various actions thereby increasing the functionality of the original store. 

Technically, the WooCommerce hooks help you to extend your current WooCommerce file actions without affecting the current theme. It is a kind of coding that is done without making changes to the parent theme. Hence, developers love it!

Just like an engineer needs the hooks to hold objects and place them correctly while building any structure; the WooCommerce hooks hold the additional programs or features to your website structure for running the store more effectively. 

Types of WooCommerce Hooks: List and Examples

WooCommerce hooks are categorized into two types. These are respectively the action hooks and filter hooks. Both the hooks function differently for the website; hence both are different in terms of use and application. 

1. Action Hooks

Action hooks add a new function to your website. It is like adding something new to the parent file. Action hooks can be text, numbers, images, paragraphs, or icons. Using the action hooks, the website owner can perform a new action that was earlier not possible. 

In order to execute your code as action hooks, you need to place this code successfully followed by the action that you need to perform. 

do_action(‘action_name’) ;

Examples of WooCommerce Action Hooks

As explained above, any action to the field is known as action hooks in WooCommerce. For example, your WooCommerce has a checkout page for placing orders. 

Adding a new field to the checkout page or adding a new order to the checkout process is known as Action Hooks. Here to your existing page, WooCommerce checkout hooks are added to enhance the function of your WooCommerce checkout process. 

2. Filter Hooks

Applying filters to the existing action or code is known as filter hooks. For overriding the existing variable, the filter hooks are coded. Here is how to code a filter hook in WooCommerce.

apply_filter( ‘filter_name’, $variable );

Examples of WooCommerce Filter Hooks

Filter hooks give an overriding action to the existing function. One of the examples of filter hooks is removing or applying options to any function that is predetermined in the parent theme. Any action that is placed on your WooCommerce platform can be made optional or overridden using the filter hooks. 

Why Does Your WooCommerce Website Need Hooks?

When you download a particular WordPress theme for launching your business website or store, the parent theme is always built with limited features or functions. Many times, you may find the need to alter the functions or actions of your website as per your business need.

For the same reason, WordPress or WooCommerce hooks were invented. These action and filter hooks help to customize your website without affecting the current parent theme that you have downloaded for running your website or eCommerce store.

Lastly, WooCommerce actions are customized and personified with the help of the WooCommerce hooks list. 

Need to Add WooCommerce Hooks?

When your eCommerce website needs to be customized for enhancing the existing functionality of your store, you need to trust WooCommerce Experts who can help you define new actions and filter hooks on your eCommerce website.


From store setup to store customization, all the different types of WooCommerce services can be hired online from WP OnlineSupport. We help you enhance your store’s existing functionality by creating a child theme and adding new hooks thereby having a complete backup of your website. Connect with our Woo Experts to add new actions and filters to your eCommerce store.

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5 Reasons Why WooCommerce is the Best Platform for Service-Based Business

5 Reasons Why WooCommerce is the Best Platform for Service-Based Business

Who said that only products or goods are sold online?

Millions of websites are selling services via an eCommerce platform. 

WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce platform for selling products and services. Well, yes, there are many services selling brands that choose WooCommerce. 

Service-based businesses require a highly secure and high-speed platform for closing their sales. Without a doubt, the WooCommerce platform fits in. 

WooCommerce Facts That No One Will Tell You

  • As per July 2019 data, WooCommerce is used by 4,14,537 websites over the internet. 
  • The WooCommerce plugin is downloaded 123+M times from the WordPress plugin directory. 
  • WooCommerce plugin supports more than 60 languages, which is best for building up your eCommerce store in a regional language. 
  • Business owners can select from 2000 WooCommerce themes for building their service-based store. 
  • The market distribution of WooCommerce has immensely increased since last year. It has a strong share in the market compared to Shopify and Squarespace. 
WooCommerce Statistics

What is a Service-Based Online Website?

A service-based website sells different types of services online. It is the art of helping people with the skill-set of services defined on your website portal. Service websites include online booking agencies, IT companies selling hourly or monthly services as per fixed rates of plans, appointment-based business services including clinics, hospitals, salons, spas, restaurants, and much more. 

WooCommerce platform is popular for selling services because it has the most authentic and systematic online store interior offering secure payment integration services. Well, below are the top five reasons for which service-based business owners must choose WooCommerce. 

Our Case Study: BestFitbybrazil

Top 5 Reasons Why WooCommerce for Services?

Businesses that deal in selling online services must use WooCommerce. It is an emerging eCommerce platform offering numerous advantages, including the following.

1. WooCommerce is a Systematic Platform

WooCommerce for selling your services is the best option that you can choose from the available eCommerce platforms. It has an organized online dashboard for managing your business with ease. Things are systematically managed from a single platform without making you much worried and hustle. 

You can add content using WordPress, update your service news or blogs, manage your service bookings via WooCommerce, and collect payments online securely using a single WooCommerce store for services. 

2. Payment Integration is Quick and Secure

Clients or customers prefer websites that have simple as well as secure payment access. WooCommerce is one of the most secure eCommerce platforms for sending and receiving payments. Nevertheless, it has got an option to set auto-recurring payments, which is best for service-based businesses.

WooCommerce services have payment links that help send payment links to the clients; hence they will pay for the services they purchase via mobile or desktop. It becomes easy for both clients and owners to manage the payment services with WooCommerce.

3. Budget-Friendly 

There are different eCommerce platforms available today, including WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, etc. Some of these eCommerce titles are a bit expensive to manage and maintain, while WooCommerce is one of the most budget-friendly options to set up your online business. 

WooCommerce provides your business with a fully functional eCommerce store at a budget-friendly rate. Indeed, it requires less maintenance compared to other online store platforms. 

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4. Cross-selling is an Addon 

Have you heard about the WooCommerce product bundle extension? Downloading it on your online store can help you offer two or more service suggestions to the clients or customers at the checkout. It helps in cross-selling your services without appointing any live sales personnel. Indeed, it is an addon for your online WooCommerce platform. 

Using the WooCommerce extension, you can start creating different service bundles to help clients understand the profit or benefit by choosing the particular bundle. 

5. Customization Benefits

WooCommerce offers amazing storefront customization. WooCommerce services belong to the WordPress family; hence expecting customization is obvious. 

The more organized and customized your store is, the more engagement it creates. Using WooCommerce for your online services can help you customize your store as per your service niche. You can choose from the available WooCommerce themes and extensions to bring your online selling platform more versatility.  

Get A Complete Guide on WooCommerce: The Next-Gen Online Store! 

Bonus Elements of Choosing WooCommerce for Your Service-based Business

Apart from the mentioned benefits, WooCommerce has a lot more to deliver to your service-based business. It is a highly secure platform for running your online store. Hence, you can rest assured of your customer data and payment interface while using WooCommerce services. 

Also, WooCommerce is search-engine friendly. Hence, your store’s digital marketing efforts will help you with more visitors and sales while using the WooCommerce platform. Lastly, WooCommerce is famous for delivering excellent store analytics, essential for tracking your business growth. 


WooCommerce Services are trending amongst business owners who wish to do more with their online selling platform. It is pretty easy to download and install on your WordPress website. For helping you create a fully functional WooCommerce service store, you can also connect to WooCommerce developers online. They allow you to build a customized store for selling your business services. 

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A Complete Guide on WooCommerce: The Next-Gen Online Store!

Blog Image A Complete Guide on WooCommerce The Next-Gen Online Store!

Thinking about your next online store?

Wait, get introduced to WooCommerce- empowering your online business operations. 

WooCommerce is perhaps the most popular online shopping solution for WordPress, and it has a significant market share. It has more than 4 million active installations and military of joyful, devoted digital shop owners that swear by the platform and WooCommerce services.

We all know what WooCommerce is! When establishing an online shop, there are several factors that entrepreneurs must take into consideration. Specific tasks, like product development and creating a marketing strategy, maybe time-consuming and challenging to do successfully. WooCommerce, on the other hand, guarantees that adding eCommerce capabilities to your WordPress site is not difficult.

In this comprehensive WooCommerce tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of installing WooCommerce step by step. Additionally, we will provide WooCommerce resources such as the top WooCommerce themes, Add-ins, and other helpful tools to assist you in growing your shop.

Here is what you need at the beginning of your WooCommerce store

To begin the WooCommerce guide, you will need the three items mentioned below to build a WooCommerce website from start.

  • An account for WordPress hosting. This is where you will save all of your website’s files.
  • A web address. This is the internet address for your website, such as xyz.com
  • An SSL Certificate is required to accept online payments securely.

To create any website, you must pay for these three items (not just WooCommerce).

The website choices you choose will have an effect on the total cost of your online shop and other WooCommerce services. You may keep expenses under control by buying just what you need.

Remember, you can always add more as your company grows and makes money.

A complete WooCommerce guide

Let’s go on to the process of setting up WooCommerce store credit. Step one is to go to Plugins > Add New > WooCommerce and type the term into the search box. The second step is to download, install, and enable the plugin. By now, you should have two additional tabs on your sidebar, one for WooCommerce and another for Products.

The first tab, “WooCommerce,” serves as your Command Centre. This is where you can view all of the orders that come into your shop. Aside from that, here is where you generate discount coupons, analyze your store’s performance with detailed statistics, and change different WooCommerce settings for WooCommerce store credit.

The other tab is the Product section where you’ll find all of your great products and their various categories.

Before you begin filling out too much information in these two tabs, you should start with the fundamental information that an e-commerce shop needs to function:

  • Your actual address, currencies, and individual product
  • Payment method(s) Shipping details

How do you begin adding Items and Products to WooCommerce?

If you followed the instructions above in the WooCommerce guide, you ought to have your WooCommerce setup configured by now. However, since online consumers cannot physically engage with your business, building a fantastic webshop entails product presentation.

That is why it is critical to include a lot of images and a lengthy and brief item description that describes all of its characteristics and traits. So, let’s go through how to create your first product using the WooCommerce plugin. 

The first field to complete is the title of your product. This is where you must give the name of your product and some of its characteristics, such as color. Then we have our main body, which is where the magic occurs.

Thousands of internet shops compete to offer comparable goods. Choosing a stylish look and the best WooCommerce themes for your shop significantly impacts consumers’ perception of your brand.

On the market, there are hundreds of WooCommerce templates and themes. Although WooCommerce services may be utilized with any WordPress website, we recommend choosing one that is WooCommerce-ready.

Because there are hundreds of premium and free WooCommerce themes on the market, novices may find it challenging to choose the ideal design.

To make things simpler for you, we’ve hand-picked the best WooCommerce themes for you to utilize. All of them are mobile-friendly and SEO, and performance-optimized.

Astra – Astra has complete WooCommerce compatibility, built-in product and store page layouts, and hundreds of 1-click ready-made websites.

The shoppe is a contemporary and highly configurable WooCommerce theme. It has a page builder that allows you to quickly construct landing pages for your goods and campaigns.

Outfitter Pro is a contemporary, trendy, and clean WooCommerce theme designed especially for apparel shops and companies.

What characteristics should a WooCommerce theme have?

With so many professionally designed best WooCommerce themes available, you may be wondering how to select the best one for your company.

The following are some fundamental suggestions that you may use as a guide.

  • Pursue simplicity in your design. A clean and straightforward design focuses consumers’ attention on what matters and increases conversions.
  • A mobile-friendly version of the theme you’ve chosen. Because most internet users access the internet through mobile devices, ensure that the theme you choose looks excellent on tiny displays.

Adding and Installing WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce’s true strength comes from solid extensions and add-ons. These add-ons function just like WordPress plugins, and you may install them just like any other WordPress plugin.

There are dozens of plugins for both WooCommerce and WordPress. You may use them to build contact forms, landing pages, price tables, gift cards, and other things. Downloading WooCommerce plugins for showcasing products or categories creatively can also help to make a quick sale deal. You can inquire about the WooCommerce extensions at Essential Plugin. 

Secure the contents of your shop.

You don’t want to take the chance of losing your shop once it’s up and running! The process of protecting everything, from material and purchase data to customer data, is straightforward.

Also Check, What are the Most Common WooCommerce Issues While Setting Up Your Online Store?

Wrap Up

So, that was our complete WooCommerce guide. If you are looking for below mentioned WooCommerce services like, 

  • WooCommerce Store Setup & Development,
  • WooCommerce Theme Design & Development,
  • WooCommerce Security and Maintenance,
  • WooCommerce Custom Plugin Development,
  • WooCommerce API Integration

or any other WooCommerce services, contact us at [email protected] NOW!

Let’s Set Up Your WooCommerce Online Store.

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Top 5 Reasons To Choose Woocommerce When It Comes To Woocommerce Vs Shopify

Woocommerce Vs Shopify

Are you having trouble deciding which platform to use: WooCommerce or Shopify? Suppose you are contemplating the creation of an e-commerce shop. In that case, we are virtually confident that you have come across one of these two e-commerce platforms since they are by far and away from the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms, according to the statistics.

Both systems have advantages and disadvantages, which makes choosing between them difficult, particularly for something as crucial as an e-commerce shop. And there are constant debates and arguments for WooCommerce vs Shopify.

So, should you choose Shopify or WooCommerce as your online store platform??

Let’s begin our exclusive and exciting read for Shopify vs WooCommerce who is the best?

A Brief about WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress e-commerce plugin, enabling you to turn a WordPress website in moments into an advanced online store. It is an open-source platform, and as such, it is free to use and install, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers. You have to pay for WooCommerce development services like host and encryption with WooCommerce, though.

Learn More about How to Create Your Next eCommerce Store with WooCommerce & WordPress?

Those who know how to code may use WooCommerce services to build a unique and massive online shop, and they should (or can hire someone who does). Throughout this post, we’ll be talking about WooCommerce, powered by Bluehost, our top-rated hosting service for WordPress sites.

A Brief about Shopify

You can quickly establish an online shop, take payments from customers, and manage your products from a single platform, thanks to Shopify, an all-in-one eCommerce solution.

The technical elements of running an eCommerce site, including hosting services, authentication, caching, and so on, are all taken care of by Shopify. So, with the sweet introduction, let us see which is the best? WooCommerce or Shopify!!!

Top 5 Reasons To Go For WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce development is a self-hosted platform that offers greater customization possibilities. This means you may use the code to get access to different sections of your business.

WooCommerce development allows you to add anything into your shop, which is critical for your team. It also implies that you may operate your company alongside a WordPress blog.

When comparing WooCommerce vs Shopify, keep in mind that WooCommerce services’ flexibility comes at a price. In other words, you must understand how to manage your site’s technical aspects and maintain it secure.

Our Case Study: E-Commerce Website – BestFitbybrazil

WooCommerce is known for its clean and straightforward shopping system that provides consumers with a smooth purchasing experience.

1. You can have all the benefits and freedom of open-source

WooCommerce is an open-sourced plugin built on the famous WordPress content management system, allowing you to handle your online shop completely. It may be fully modified to meet any of your specific and specialized business needs, and since it is open-source, you will not be required to pay any fees to utilize it for your company.

2. You get the easily customizable themes

Changes to a bespoke website are typically challenging and costly to do after it has gone live. One may swap back and forth between different looks while using the WooCommerce platform. The variety of topics is equally remarkable. Even if you can’t find a theme that appeals to you, you may choose one that comes close and personalize each of its parts, from the header to the smallest detail. 

Our WooCommerce Theme Development services are specifically focused on developing themes for optimum conversion, product interaction, and user engagement that precisely match your vision and identity.

3. Top class security

You’ll need safe gateways in place since this is an online platform, and you’ll want to ensure that your client’s credentials aren’t hacked. Secure payment methods like PayPal and Stripe are included in WooCommerce from the start.

Because of the extensive usage of the platform, hackers access it every day. It is updated regularly by the creators to avoid cyber assaults. However, the plugin does not include backups to aid in restoring data if an assault is successful.

You may include a backup that saves information in its encrypted form to protect your customers’ confidentiality.

Using WooCommerce services also lets you include a security plugin that regularly checks your website for viruses, providing an additional layer of protection against hackers.

4. It is SEO Friendly

WooCommerce is built with one of the largest well-established systems in the world, and it has been extensively optimized to comply with Google’s search engine optimization standards. Along with being SEO-friendly out of the box, the whole platform makes it considerably easier to optimize your goods for search engine optimization. 

WooCommerce development offers an easy-to-use interface via which the most critical product data and any SEO-related information can be input and saved. Additionally, there are great third-party SEO plugins that may assist you in optimizing each blog post and page on your website.

5. The best in class community support

WordPress has a vast developer community. Since WooCommerce is based on the WordPress platform, you may use the community’s resources to address any issues you may have. On developers’ community forums, you may get answers to almost every query you could have. It is possible to find thousands of developers that are willing to assist you.

Also, check out What are the Most Common WooCommerce Issues While Setting Up Your Online Store?

Wrap Up

In the long run, when it comes to Shopify vs WooCommerce, who is the best, WooCommerce is much more adaptable since you control and personalize your website completely when comparing WooCommerce vs Shopify. The cost part is a little higher compared to Shopify.

WooCommerce development offers a wider variety of plugins than Shopify, created by web developers. Our cost-effective and flexible approach to establishing bespoke WooCommerce services with sophisticated customizations and integrations makes us an excellent option for website creation. For more queries, contact us at [email protected]

Are you having trouble deciding which platform to use: WooCommerce or Shopify?

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What are the Most Common WooCommerce Issues While Setting Up Your Online Store?

What are the Most Common WooCommerce Issues While Setting Up Your Online Store

Do you know that the WooCommerce plugin has over 123 million downloads to date?

With WooCommerce, WordPress offers the most functional online store for retailers and wholesalers. With a market distribution of 9% worldwide and growing, it brings us the most expandible features.  

Another exciting fact about  WooCommerce is that it has captured 27.86% of the total eCommerce market on the web. The increasing users bring up the enhancing experience and reviews about the growing eCommerce portal. Likewise, we also hear about some common errors or issues that the store owners face. 

What are the Most Common WooCommerce issues?

Technology is flawless if you know how to operate it. But unless you are stuck in any error or issue, you find it challenging. WooCommerce is an amazing eCommerce platform for setting up your online store, but you often may encounter some unknown errors or conflicts while managing it. These issues need to be resolved to save your time and sales numbers. 

Let’s discuss the most common WooCommerce Issues and Errors. 

1. Store Speed Issues

Is your WooCommerce store slow? Does it take time to load all the products available on your website? Well, a few reasons can lead to the store speed issues; let’s have a quick check on it.

  • Using a slow hosting provider
  • Database overload issues 
  • Not using a CDN
  • Not having a caching plugin on the site
  • Poorly optimized image sizes

2. Double Add to Cart Issues

While surfing your online store, the customers add a single product to the cart, but it shows double at the time of checkout. In many cases, the issue is not with a single product. Adding two products results in 4 products in the cart.  It is one of the most common add-to-cart issues faced by the WooCommerce store owners. 

To help your customers experience ease-free shopping, it is essential to solving the ‘add-to-cart twice’ issues by consulting a WooCommerce expert

3. Payment Checkout Issues

The customers face checkout issues at the time of payment. It is one of the most common WooCommerce issues and is encountered because of the following reasons.

  • Poor payment gateway setup
  • SSL or TLS certificate configuration issues

The most common payment checkout issues faced by the customers are:

  • The checkout page is not available 
  • The review order page is taking too much time to load
  • Payment options not working
  • Authentication errors at the time of payment
  • Stuck placed order button

4. WooCommerce Image Size Compatibility Issues

An eCommerce store needs to display high-quality product images to engage the customers. Product images, catalogs, and carousels are quite popular ways to increase your eCommerce sales. 

Image size compatibility is essential for any eCommerce store because it helps the customer feel for the product before the purchase. Indeed, it helps in enhancing the purchasing decision of the customer. 

The most common WooCommerce image size compatibility issues are:

  • Blurry images
  • Superior images with large file sizes 
  • Image size issues
  • Thumbnail image size issues

5. Cache Issues

Cache helps in storing the data that is generated or presented quickly. In short, it helps in improving your website speed. Using the cache, the loading time of the website is increased. 

The caching page of your WooCommerce store must be set up correctly to help the customers to experience faster website loading. Eliminating the login pages from the cache also results in reset password errors, for which the customers are unable to reset their login password. 

Many site owners download the WordPress caching plugins to resolve the issue. But still, recommend taking an expert’s help as caching is an essential aspect of your WooCommerce site. 

6. PHP Fatal Errors

Do you know that WordPress is based on PHP?

WordPress is the upgraded version of PHP. When your current WooCommerce store is not having an updated PHP cPanel, it may result in fatal PHP errors. In short, when the PHP discontinues scripting in your existing store, it results in the WooCommerce PHP fatal errors. 

It would help if you fixed the errors to help your store experience ease in running smoothly. For the same, connecting with the WooCommerce experts will help you resolve the issue. 

7. Security issues

Security is highly crucial for helping your WooCommerce store to operate without any errors. Many types of WooCommerce security bugs occur while running your store on the web. 

During the operational course, your WooCommerce website may experience block intrusion attempts, SSL certificate errors, local data backup errors, weak password errors, idle plugin errors, etc. For the same, you need to consult a WooCommerce expert and update your store’s security for ensuring maximum customer safety. 

Let’s Fix It!!

For all the WooCommerce issues and bugs mentioned above, you must consult a WooCommerce expert at WP OnlineSupport. Our WordPress experts are here to help you set up your WooCommerce store from scratch. Also, all your WooCommerce issues are set to a solution, including the WooCommerce update issues, security issues, WooCommerce database issues, menu and product issues, etc. 

Remember resolving these issues are highly important as it may lead to the failure of your WooCommerce store shortly, resulting in poor sales and leads.

Fix, Customize or Develop anything you want in WooCommerce.

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How to Create Your Next eCommerce Store with WooCommerce & WordPress?

Do you know that by the end of 2040, 95% of the purchases will be done via eCommerce?

Online shopping is one of our favorite activities these days. 

We all are blessed to have lived in an era where shopping is so quick and easy. 

Technology has revolutionized the way people shop, eat and drink. It is all possible and feasible because of the online stores and apps. 

If you are entering the eCommerce world as a business owner, you need to research various eCommerce platforms to build your online store. 

Be it an online store, WordPress, or a WooCommerce store, the fundamentals must be clear before investing your money. 

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce stands for electronic commerce. Technically, eCommerce is an online store that makes it possible for customers to shop online. It is one of the most advanced methods of shopping introduced to date. Nevertheless, it is found that the eCommerce industry is growing at a pace of 23% every year. 

eCommerce is divided into different platforms.  For smartphones, eCommerce is managed via online apps, whereas, for desktops, eCommerce is experienced via websites. Both the websites and mobile apps together have brought a revolution in the eCommerce industry.

How are eCommerce transactions managed?

Nice question!

eCommerce transactions are managed online. When a person shops online, they are either asked to make the payment online or via cash at the delivery time. Hence, there is no confusion for the owner to understand the type of payment method being processed by the customer.  Online eCommerce transactions are safe with online store WordPress and WooCommerce. 

What are the best eCommerce Platforms?

eCommerce is a broad subject. Today, we have different eCommerce platforms for helping you build your eCommerce shop. But one of the most widely used platforms for launching your eCommerce shop is WordPress and WooCommerce. 

A WooCommerce WordPress website is a perfect store to give wings to your online store dreams. It has got the ideal eCommerce elements, including security and versatility. Let’s discuss it more.

How to Create an Online Store with WordPress?

To create an online store, WordPress, you need to design and develop your WordPress website keeping in mind the eCommerce elements, including the sales funnel. Your WordPress website then needs an eCommerce plugin for adding the marketplace functionalities. For the same, you require a WooCommerce store plugin for turning your WordPress website into a WordPress online store. 

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin. 

It is an eCommerce store plugin for adding more functionalities and benefits to your online website. It helps your website to turn into an online marketplace. Technically, WooCommerce is an eCommerce WordPress plugin that converts your website into an eCommerce store. 

If you want your online store to be built with 100% customization, you shall never get a better online store WordPress than with WooCommerce. 

Here are the top five benefits of installing the WooCommerce store plugin on your WordPress website. 

Top 9 WooCommerce Benefits for WordPress Websites

  1. WooCommerce is an open-source plugin. Hence it is free to download. 
  2. WooCommerce has got the infinity factor for adding customization to your WordPress store.
  3. For utilizing the WooCommerce store plugin functionalities, you need not be a tech-savvy person. It is pretty easy to get your hands on this plugin.
  4. Be it any eCommerce store, selling products is easy and exciting using the WooCommerce store plugin. 
  5. WooCommerce has got the best shipping methods to offer. Customers can ship to multiple addresses with a stunning tracking feature. 
  6. While you need the best payment methods to integrate, WooCommerce offers multiple payment gateway setup with high-end security. 
  7. It is SEO-friendly for helping you achieve desired digital marketing results.
  8. It serves superb store analytics for helping you manage a better eCommerce platform. 
  9. It is compatible with all WordPress themes. 

How to Build an eCommerce website with WooCommerce?

WooCommerce store plugin helps to launch your eCommerce store easily and quickly. Well, be it any eCommerce platform including a retail store, wholesale store, or a multi-product store, selling products is engaging with the benefits of WordPress WooCommerce stores. 

Build a WordPress WooCommerce Website in 8 Steps

For launching your eCommerce store, you need to follow the mentioned steps.

1. Get a WordPress Domain

Domain names are the official address of your online website or store. It is essential to select a domain name and register it before launching your website. The first step to launch your online website is to get a domain name, whether WordPress or any other website development platform. 

Domain name is followed by: .co, .com, .org, etc. Depending on the nature and location of your business, you can select an appropriate domain for your online website. 

2. Get Started with Dedicated or Shared Hosting 

There are two ways to get started with your website’s hosting. You can either select the dedicated hosting plan or go with the shared hosting service for your upcoming WordPress website or WooCommerce store. 

Both types of hosting plans have some merits and demerits according to their services. You can consult your WordPress Website Development Company to get detailed knowledge of the hosting your online store requires. 

3. Launch Your WordPress

After registering a successful domain name and selecting the perfect hosting plan, the next step is to download WordPress and get it launched. 

For launching your WordPress website, you must consult your WordPress development company as you will be redirected to an empty website. There needs to be a lot of customization done to set up a perfect website theme, download plugins, apply necessary changes and settings, etc. 

WP OnlineSupport offers various types of WordPress Services:

Hence, you need not worry about downloading or launching your WordPress website, as you can get it done with the help of our WordPress experts. 

4. Download WooCommerce Store Plugin

Here comes the exclusive step for launching your eCommerce plugin. Getting started with your WooCommerce online store becomes essential to get the WooCommerce plugin with a complete setup process. 

After successfully launching your WooCommerce store, you will be asked to create a few pages for allowing it to build a store for your products. 

Hence, you need to create a shop for displaying the products, design a cart for allowing the customers to keep the chosen items in the shopping cart, and set up a successful payment gateway for secure payment transactions. 

5. Customizing the Store

Customizing your WooCommerce plugin is highly essential for attracting many visitors to your store. Who would visit a boring website? I guess no one!

For having repeated customers, you need to deliver them a great user experience. For enhancing the UX of your WooCommerce store, you need the following services from our WooCommerce experts:

  • WooCommerce store setup 
  • WooCommerce theme design
  • WooCommerce store and theme development
  • WooCommerce security and maintenance 
  • WooCommerce custom plugin development
  • WooCommerce API Integration
  • Multisite WordPress services

6. Add Products

Next, while launching your WooCommerce store plugin- you need to keep adding the different products to your website. For adding products, you can follow the WooCommerce setup wizard process. 

  1. Visit your dashboard
  2. Select add products 
  3. Fill the product details with relevant content 
  4. Click on add product to save the product successfully. 

7. Integrate Payment Options

One of the essential elements of an eCommerce website is to set up a successful payment gateway. Customers will shop on your website if it is highly secure. Hence, the payment APIs that you need to set up on your WooCommerce store must be done with the help of the best WooCommerce experts. 

WP OnlineSupport lets you hire the best WordPress and WooCommerce experts for launching your eCommerce online store with the best-integrated APIs, including payment gateways. We help you set up your online store by setting up your payment gateway methods like PayPal, Stripe, UPI, Netbanking, etc. 

8. Add Shipping Methods

WooCommerce allows your business to integrate the best shipping methods by helping you choose the appropriate shipping zones from the dashboard. You can set up the different shipping zones as per the currency using the WooCommerce platform. Nevertheless, the customers can also add up to multiple shipping addresses while shopping at your online store. 

9. Complete the Setup

Lastly, you need to complete the setup wizard process by following the mandatory steps to launch your next eCommerce store using the WooCommerce plugin successfully. 


To launch your online store with WordPress and WooCommerce, you need to consult WP OnlineSupport to help you with feature-rich website and store development services. We help you build a WordPress WooCommerce website with our best plans and process. Consult our experts for getting it started like PRO!

Want your eCommerce website to have customized modifications to enhance your website’s performance and functionality?

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