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WooCommerce category and theme customization

WooCommerce Category And Theme Customization

WooCommerce category and theme customization

We all are quite aware about the terms ‘categorise’ and ‘customize’. If not, then in simple words, the ‘categorise’ means to filter or separate between something which looks quite bundled up at one place. The ‘customization’ is the required changes and modifications that you do.

In order to understand this in the matter of your WooCommerce website, there is the option in your website customization section where you can categorise and organise your eCommerce store easily. You can filter out the products, list them in a section, and create a category for them. The simple route to create that is-

WordPress > WooCommerce > Products > Categories

In the section of categories, you can easily create a section allotted to your particular products and category. This gives easy access to your customers in your eCommerce store. In order to increase consumer interest in buying your products, you will be able to present them in the best possible way.

The navigation of your website becomes easy for your customers. If you own an apparel store, for instance, you should set up product categories for things like hats, shirts, and trousers.

Why and how should you create categories?

A custom category page has the important benefit of increasing sales and profitability. Additionally, by creating a better WooCommerce category page, you will be able to showcase your products in the best possible way, generating more interest from customers to buy them. 

Your customer will stay for long on your website to explore it fully with the help of categories. The best part is that WooCommerce makes it simple to construct your category page.

The lack of default choices for WooCommerce is its drawback. For each category page, for instance, you can only alter the name, slug, parent category, description text, display type, and thumbnail. 

Two – ways to create your categories:

One, with the code:

Customers will struggle to locate the products they’re looking for if you simply list a large number of products on a single page without providing any sorting or filtering options. You may use the shortcodes everywhere on your online store in WooCommerce.

If your WordPress theme doesn’t offer the appropriate templates to cleanly show products, it can struggle. To use the shortcuts, you need to know about it to create a dynamic website for your store. By default, the shortcode will display all of your WooCommerce products. 

One more suggestion- Don’t forget to satisfy customers who might unintentionally click on the incorrect link or visit the incorrect location. Your category pages must be attractive, useful, and simple to navigate. Instead of focusing on the page’s aesthetic right now, think about your users’ experience.

Second, with the plugin:

Using a WooCommerce plugin is the best (and simplest) solution for most individuals to display products by category. By doing this, you’ll have all the functionality you require right now to display things precisely how you want, without having to worry about your website breaking.

With the addition of filters, search boxes, scrollbars, and other features, this plugin presents your WooCommerce products in a table style that is fully editable.

Moreover, you might use the plugin to limit the categories or subcategories in which products are displayed. WooCommerce Product Table plugin provides two choices for achieving the aforementioned:

  • On all product category pages, a central switch can activate the product table arrangement. If you want to customise each of your product category pages, this is the best option.
  • Using a shortcode, you may manually design your WooCommerce category pages. You could only wish to include products from particular categories in the table, for instance.

Creating a WooCommerce website with the right use of plugin can help you increase your conversion so never neglect this. By using a layout or category you are saving your customers time and some space on your website that doesn’t fluctuate and does not look untidy.

In the unused space, you are free to install the navigation tabs, filters, sorting options, and a search bar. This all makes your website look more tidy and clear. 

While your website is built neatly, the role of SEO flourishes your website. Search engine optimization can also be beneficial for you because you are able to display and present more content on the customized page that allows your website to be in higher SEO rankings. 

Along with creating your category page, you can also customize it with appropriate and suitable themes to give a more lively vibe to your website. You can always create WooCommerce themes manually and with the help of a web developer expert.


In case if you don’t know how to do it manually because it requires some technical tactics to create the themes, then you can go with ‘WordPress Online Support’ for expert advice and better assistance.

We already helped many online businesses grow with a better display and look. Themes installation can be a tough task to do if done manually but when you have an expert, it becomes much easier for you to focus on other things to make your eCommerce website look dynamic.

Bugs and landing page in WooCommerce


Bugs and landing page in WooCommerce

Did you know that after building your WooCommerce website, there are 40% chances that you may face bugs and issues with your website?

Your website process, performance and outlook is compromised when you have bug problems in your website. Creating an error-free and bug-free website can make your eCommerce website run smoothly and fast.

The bugs can create most of the issues with your website payment gateways, themes, and plugins. It can make your site go down on its peak time. To avoid any bugs and errors in your site you need to optimise it to let it perform well.

1. Payment Issues

Due to unoptimized websites and bugs, WooCommerce has to go through a lot of payment bounces and having issues with your payment gateways is the worst thing that can happen with your store.

This disrupts your store and WooCommerce system. It leads to high bounce rates and can also make it difficult for your customers to make order payments. It makes it tough to complete the transaction for them.

2. Theme issues

After an upgrade, the themes that were supposed to enhance the aesthetics and vibrancy of your webstore develop bugs. This damages the feel and design of your eCommerce business and increases bounce rates.

You would require assistance from skilled Woo Developers in order to correct the issues, restore, and perfectly align the theme. Partner with us ‘WP OnlineSupport’ we can ensure the development of your website bug-free and can make your eCommerce store run smoothly.

3. Plugin Issues

The third-party plugins and add-ons that provide more functionality for your eCommerce store frequently have issues and cause conflicts. Due to this, the web-store cannot operate to its full potential. However, any plugin bugs may be updated and fixed with ease by our skilled Woo Developers.

Basics of Landing Page in WooCommerce

The literal meaning of a landing page is where your customers land after they click on your ads. Landing page is the most important part of your ads and through this page, you attract your customers and make them take action.

It is specifically made to match the content of your landing page with your visitor’s search intentions. This is how it becomes powerful when you run an ad for your brand and product.

Creating a landing page is no big deal but creating an effective and appealing landing page is a big task. You need to be careful about your ad platform guidelines and need to follow the ‘marketing psychology’ strongly here.

  • Keep track of your competitors ads and their landing pages.
  • Look out for the most successful competitors who are running the same business as you.
  • Keep an eye for details like font, theme, color, spelling, grammar, the message and your product in the landing page. 
  • Never neglect the CTA, through CTA only your customer is going to make a choice. Keep it clear and not very flashy to their eyes.
  • Always view the mobile and desktop view to check how your landing page will look on their devices.
  • Run A/B test for landing page to know what works better for your customers

These were some of the basic instructions that you need to follow while making the landing page with a great funnel to generate more sales for your business.

The common reasons of why you need to create a great landing page are:-

  1. To improve your conversion rates and generate higher sales through ads
  2. To get more leads 
  3. To test your product with relatable copy and content
  4. To offer your product in a more convincing manner
  5. To make it easy to access your product for target customers
  6. To build the information base of your target audience and so on

When it comes to landing page, it is said and proven that a customer can make a decision for your product within 8 seconds after looking at your landing page.

Landing pages works more in a psychological manner than in a technical manner. It affects the customer’s decision. For example- if your landing page colors do not vibe with your product and the colors are too flashy then you might fail to impress your customers because they are not going to like some flashy and imposing colors, they’ll leave your site before 8 seconds.

As a result, you lose one willing customer with this. That is why landing pages should be made by keeping the viewer and consumers in mind. Understanding their likes and preferences, working according to the trends, and researching more about the age group of your audience, will make you create a persuasive landing page rather than the imposing one.

Depending on your business type and the available resources, landing pages can have a variety of formats, layouts, and designs. However, they all have form fields for capturing visitor data in common.

The top funnel of your landing page is important. Customers learn more about the brand during the exploration phase at the top of the funnel. The top of the landing page sales funnel’s main objective is to increase brand recognition because leads might not be familiar with the company or its products.

Sales aren’t made here, though. Leads are made sure to know about your potential benefits at the top.

You decide what information is asked; some websites only want email addresses to send links to eBooks or newsletters. Others, on the other hand, demand more specific information, such as a name and phone number, in return for exclusive discounts or offers.

  • Decide on a theme.
  • Take out any extra content.
  • Create a homepage.
  • Make your page unique


You understand the struggle of keeping your website’s product list organized as store owners. Even if you succeed, a minor error on your website could put off visitors. Your website may not operate as well as a dedicated landing page for your online store.

To create such persuasive landing pages, you are always welcome to partner with ‘WP OnlineSupport’ to deal with your eCommerce landing page and great funnel for better and more sales.

Design your store in WooCommerce


Design your store in WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a flexible app which gives space for modifications and changes. If you know about the WordPress plugins and themes, then you can easily modify and design the WooCommerce store according to your preferences. Which later can be adjusted and rearranged to modify the theme or look of your website functionality on WooCommerce.

In a WooCommerce store, you can always customize and arrange the store for your viewers in a very sorted manner, which leaves fewer chances of any problem for your ecommerce store. Your store design or store page gives access to your viewers or readers to go through your ecommerce store.

WooCommerce makes your ecommerce store very functional and customizable. This becomes very easy for your audience to view your products and services without having anything particular in mind.

With storefront themes installed, WooCommerce has its own default designs and themes for your store, which can be customized and modified according to the preferable look. It involves the changes in color, designs, content arrangement, the graphics and many more which makes your website and store give a specific vibe.

Why should you customize your store?

There are many ecommerce websites which are not customized and that may give a default look which doesn’t suit their websites. This condition occurs only when the person doesn’t want to customize it, doesn’t know how to customize it, doesn’t want an expert to work on it, or doesn’t want to purchase the hosting for different themes and modifications. If you also have one of these reasons, then it’s not going to work for your ecommerce store.

An ecommerce store design is the first thing a viewer sees and if it does not give them a vibe, if it’s not having good color combinations, if it’s not properly arranged, if it’s not having a suitable theme then your ecommerce store looks no use to them which makes them leave. To not let any of these situations occur with your audience, one must use the WooCommerce customization for the store.

There are few reasons why to do it-

1. Increases Customer Engagement

It deals with how long your customer or your audience stays when they visit your ecommerce store. You must be aware about the things they might like, or the look that appeals to your audience. The major purpose behind customizing and changing the look of your store with attractive designs is to make them stay longer in your store and to compel them to make the purpose or take the action.

It’s not always the words that create magic but outlook and designs matters as well. If one visits your online store and there are flashy colours which don’t suit your store then the visitor will not make a purchase and will not stay long to explore your store.

For such situations, the solution is enabling a 3D model product customizer in your store, which is particularly attractive for the window shoppers and if appeals enough to them then they will definitely want to visit and explore your store.

The purpose of this 3D model is to turn your customer into a loyal buyer with the key of window shopping. If this works out then it leads to the engagement between you and your customers.

2. Boost Your Sales

Majorly, you must focus on how your product is going to be helpful for your customer. Minorly, your store and the way you showcase your products affect the customer too. To balance the both, you must focus on both major and minor parts.

Make your product your hero, and the style and design your weapon to bring more customers and to boost your sales. Product and store customization plays a key role when you have products like eyeglasses and shoes, then you have to convince your customer how it is going to help them and why you should buy it from your store only.

Customers may fully control the design process and modify your product to meet their specific demands with a WooCommerce product configurator. Customizing a product enables consumers to make informed choices and can boost their trust that the product will satisfy their needs. To boost clients’ trust in your products and boost sales, your WooCommerce store needs a customizer.

3. To Stand Out From The Crowd

WooCommerce is very overcrowded and filled with many ecommerce stores. So to stand out from the crowd and to differ from their competitors and other stores, customization is the key to success here. A WooCommerce site with modifying setups will also advertise your expertise, dependability, know-how, and professionalism.

It can assist you in persuading passersby who have been let down by other businesses to give your shop a second shot. Customers’ ability to check the product in greater detail with the help of WooCommerce product customizers with a 360-degree viewer and zoom capabilities, which fosters an impression of objectivity.

To get the better customization and design of your store you can simply look up to the ‘WP OnlineSupport’ who can get your work done accurately and quickly in no time. We always look for the ecommerce store product and modify it accordingly to increase their sales and to grow our client’s business.

4. Customer Experience The Vibe

In order to customize and design your store, the experience of your customers plays a crucial role. It is said that it can increase the revenue by 7-8% depending on your customer’s experience. Most of the customers are willing to buy who offer them the product in a personalized manner. The chances of them buying increase.

In short, WooCommerce is one of the best platforms to design your stores. In the process of designing, you may find it technical and difficult because it can be done with the coding system, which is mastered by the developers.

To turn your viewer into a loyal customer or a buyer, the first thing that you should include in your list is to ‘hire WooCommerce developers and customizers’ which makes it far easier and better for you and your ecommerce store.

The best ecommerce developers have consistently been those who work with WooCommerce. We provide 140 region-specific gateways to integrate with, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.

It has the capacity to take major debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers (BACS). We provide easy setup, efficient order management, we can make you sell more and enhance your store design, etc. Hiring us will make your work more easily done.


According to our experience, without the right person on your in-house staff, it is practically impossible to establish an ecommerce platform that runs effectively, and training an employee is much trickier than it seems.

WooCommerce Plugin Development

WooCommerce Plugin Development

WooCommerce Plugin Development

WordPress is often regarded as the top option for web designers and entrepreneurs that want to boost online product exposure and sales. Its widespread popularity among webmasters stems from the platform’s high usability and plenty of useful features.

Developing a custom plugin may be necessary if your WooCommerce shop serves a highly specific niche market and you need to modify some aspects of the platform to better suit your needs. A WooCommerce plugin’s principal function is to facilitate the development of a unique shopping experience on the plugin’s e-commerce platform.

Plus, merchants might feel more invested in their online shop because of the ways in which WooCommerce plugins enhance the platform’s fundamental capabilities. A WooCommerce plugin allows you to add functionality to your online store that may not be built in.

Some of the options available to you as a shop owner include enabling a chosen payment method, altering the storefront’s presentation of goods, & adding new fields to individual items.

You may enhance the default WooCommerce plugin in any way you choose. Essential Plugin’s WooCommerce professionals may modify a plugin so that it works flawlessly with online shop.

If you want to expand the functionality of your WooCommerce shop with the help of plugins, then Essential Plugin is what you need. The WooCommerce engineers & professionals at Essential Plugin are fully capable of altering or integrating any 3rd Party plugin.

We can easily meet any need for a plugin, whether it’s for a pre-made extension or something completely unique. Our Woo professionals may also create specialized WooCommerce plugins to meet the specific needs of your company.

Our developers will make sure the extension works well with your current system and WooCommerce’s fundamental features. Our programmers may add any functionality, such as several languages or currencies, by using a plugin.

Here are just a few of the many advantages of creating WordPress plugins:

1. Speed

Any business that cares about its success and its customers has to prioritize the demands of its customers by designing a user-friendly website. As a result of the site’s increased performance, visitors’ likelihood of sticking around is increased thanks to a custom plugin developed by a reputable WordPress plugin development firm.

2. Secure and simple to use

Having a WordPress plugin development business create a bespoke plugin for your site that guarantees 100% satisfaction and safeguards it from security risks is one of the greatest ways to increase security. There should be no ifs, or maybes about having a safe website.

We can swiftly add blog posts, images, and new pages with the aid of a WordPress Plugin development firm, so you don’t have to waste time looking for a website that can do the same for you at a price that fits your budget.

This platform stands out from the competition because of its user-friendly design and straightforward functionality. The same holds true since the technology behind WordPress is user-friendly and helps to cut down on formatting time.

3. Compatibility with search engines

WordPress’s clear and concise code makes it simple for search engines to understand what a website is about. There are also keywords, descriptions, and titles for each page, picture, and post.

This ensures the most effective optimization search possible. We may improve the results of our optimization efforts in terms of website traffic by using more tags.

4. Seamless Communication

Having open lines of communication benefits both the company and its employees. There is evidence that bespoke WordPress plugins have better maintenance and support, reducing or even eliminating the need for regular plugin upgrades.

5. Boost Performance

Every company needs updates after a while in order to serve their customers better, but revamping or remodeling the website isn’t always an option because of the time, money, and effort it costs.

At this point, the developer community for WordPress plugins provides helpful solutions. You may simply and cheaply add new features to your site with the aid of these plugins, and they can also be used to enhance the functioning of your site’s current features.

6. Extends Functionalities

It’s possible that a large number of website owners like to see a variety of alterations made to the operation of the WordPress website, with the choice of customizing capabilities by which one may alter the website to suit their own requirements.

Supporting user needs and delivering exactly what the website owner envisions is what custom WordPress plugin development is all about.

Because they point search engines in the direction of a certain website, backlinks are an essential component of SEO. WordPress’s plugins allow us to generate as many connections to our site as possible, and some of them may even build us some very great backlinks, which in turn increases the site’s visibility.


If you’re looking for a location to build plugins, Essential Plugins is the best option. Every page, from the homepage to the products page to the checkout plugin, is fully modifiable by you.

Included in our WooCommerce Plugin Development Services are WooCommerce Plugin Modification, WooCommerce Plugin Upgrade, WooCommerce Subscription Plugin, Custom WooCommerce Plugin Development, WooCommerce Payment Plugin Development, and Much more.