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How to Outsource the Best WooCommerce Development Services?

How to Outsource the Best WooCommerce Development Services

How to Outsource the Best WooCommerce Development Services?

WooCommerce is an emerging eCommerce platform with over 123+ million plugin downloads to date. 

After Shopify, WooCommerce holds the strongest market distribution with 9% on the World Wide Web. 

WooCommerce is popular among WordPress site owners who wish to convert their business website into an eCommerce store. 

When you decide to convert your WordPress into a WooCommerce store, the first thing that comes to your mind is outsourcing website development services. 

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a growing eCommerce platform. It is one of the most versatile platforms for selling products and services online. WordPress owners with a specific requirement of an eCommerce store are getting converted into WooCommerce. 

The WooCommerce plugin is emerging as a next-gen store for retailers and wholesalers; whose first requirement is inventory, shipping, and tax management. 

Choosing WooCommerce is obvious; it offers excellent features to store owners at a budget-friendly rate. While discussing eCommerce development, you cannot deny that WooCommerce has everything you ask for in your online store.

Before you hire a WooCommerce developer to transform your website into an online store, here are some of the features you must look into.

  • Next-gen eCommerce platform offering high-end data security
  • Payment integration is highly secure
  • Complete stock and inventory management
  • Online order tracking with delivery status updates
  • Customer management
  • Tax management 
  • Shipping integration 
  • SEO-optimized product and category pages

Hiring the Best WooCommerce Expert

When WooCommerce offers an excellent list of features, outsourcing web development services will be a great shot. So, the question is, how will you hire a WooCommerce developer or web development company?

1. Research Well 

The first essential thing while you look to outsource web development or WooCommerce customization is proper research. Researching the different WooCommerce development companies will lead you to various brands that offer WordPress to WooCommerce development services.

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2. Discuss Your Expectations

When you have the best five companies on hand, you need to discuss your expectations with the eCommerce store development services. It includes the theme and plugin extendibility for making your online store more versatile and engaging. 

You have to be clear with your WooCommerce customization services, including what you need to customize and how much time you have for your store to go online. It will help in getting the correct quotes.

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3. Determine the Budget

Before you hire a WooCommerce developer for your online store development services, it is vital to check their pricing to determine the budget. Every company has different outsourcing website development rates, including the full-time, part-time, or hourly basis model. Hence, you must check the eCommerce development pricing before outsourcing the services. 

4. Check Portfolio 

Checking the company portfolio will continually educate you on their team skills and expertise. A portfolio is no less than a testimonial. Hence, if you discuss the team size and the pricing model, it is essential to demand their portfolio. 

Our Case Study: iclublondon

5. Learn About Their Backend and Support

The most important thing to ask and learn while you hire a WooCommerce expert company is their backend and support. Backend is truly important for determining the after-development support of your eCommerce store. Experiencing poor backend support can lead to a lot of issues in the future. Hence, it is best to hire WooCommerce expert services with a robust backend to meet website-related emergencies. 

WP OnlineSupport for WooCommerce Customization 

We have everything you ask for, from setting up a new online store to converting your WordPress into a WooCommerce platform! Your company can experience a lot of benefits while you hire a WooCommerce expert at WP OnlineSupport. We offer excellent chat support services, 360-degree WordPress Services, flexible customization, and technical QA assistance for your WooCommerce store. Connect with our experts to help you design and develop an engaging eCommerce platform for your upcoming online business.

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How to Create Your Next eCommerce Store with WooCommerce & WordPress?

How to Create Your Next eCommerce Store with WooCommerce & WordPress?

Do you know that by the end of 2040, 95% of the purchases will be done via eCommerce?

Online shopping is one of our favorite activities these days. 

We all are blessed to have lived in an era where shopping is so quick and easy. 

Technology has revolutionized the way people shop, eat and drink. It is all possible and feasible because of the online stores and apps. 

If you are entering the eCommerce world as a business owner, you need to research various eCommerce platforms to build your online store. 

Be it an online store, WordPress, or a WooCommerce store, the fundamentals must be clear before investing your money. 

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce stands for electronic commerce. Technically, eCommerce is an online store that makes it possible for customers to shop online. It is one of the most advanced methods of shopping introduced to date. Nevertheless, it is found that the eCommerce industry is growing at a pace of 23% every year. 

eCommerce is divided into different platforms.  For smartphones, eCommerce is managed via online apps, whereas, for desktops, eCommerce is experienced via websites. Both the websites and mobile apps together have brought a revolution in the eCommerce industry.

How are eCommerce transactions managed?

Nice question!

eCommerce transactions are managed online. When a person shops online, they are either asked to make the payment online or via cash at the delivery time. Hence, there is no confusion for the owner to understand the type of payment method being processed by the customer.  Online eCommerce transactions are safe with online store WordPress and WooCommerce. 

What are the best eCommerce Platforms?

eCommerce is a broad subject. Today, we have different eCommerce platforms for helping you build your eCommerce shop. But one of the most widely used platforms for launching your eCommerce shop is WordPress and WooCommerce. 

A WooCommerce WordPress website is a perfect store to give wings to your online store dreams. It has got the ideal eCommerce elements, including security and versatility. Let’s discuss it more.

How to Create an Online Store with WordPress?

To create an online store, WordPress, you need to design and develop your WordPress website keeping in mind the eCommerce elements, including the sales funnel. Your WordPress website then needs an eCommerce plugin for adding the marketplace functionalities. For the same, you require a WooCommerce store plugin for turning your WordPress website into a WordPress online store. 

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin. 

It is an eCommerce store plugin for adding more functionalities and benefits to your online website. It helps your website to turn into an online marketplace. Technically, WooCommerce is an eCommerce WordPress plugin that converts your website into an eCommerce store. 

If you want your online store to be built with 100% customization, you shall never get a better online store WordPress than with WooCommerce. 

Here are the top five benefits of installing the WooCommerce store plugin on your WordPress website. 

Top 9 WooCommerce Benefits for WordPress Websites

  1. WooCommerce is an open-source plugin. Hence it is free to download. 
  2. WooCommerce has got the infinity factor for adding customization to your WordPress store.
  3. For utilizing the WooCommerce store plugin functionalities, you need not be a tech-savvy person. It is pretty easy to get your hands on this plugin.
  4. Be it any eCommerce store, selling products is easy and exciting using the WooCommerce store plugin. 
  5. WooCommerce has got the best shipping methods to offer. Customers can ship to multiple addresses with a stunning tracking feature. 
  6. While you need the best payment methods to integrate, WooCommerce offers multiple payment gateway setup with high-end security. 
  7. It is SEO-friendly for helping you achieve desired digital marketing results.
  8. It serves superb store analytics for helping you manage a better eCommerce platform. 
  9. It is compatible with all WordPress themes. 

How to Build an eCommerce website with WooCommerce?

WooCommerce store plugin helps to launch your eCommerce store easily and quickly. Well, be it any eCommerce platform including a retail store, wholesale store, or a multi-product store, selling products is engaging with the benefits of WordPress WooCommerce stores. 

Build a WordPress WooCommerce Website in 8 Steps

For launching your eCommerce store, you need to follow the mentioned steps.

1. Get a WordPress Domain

Domain names are the official address of your online website or store. It is essential to select a domain name and register it before launching your website. The first step to launch your online website is to get a domain name, whether WordPress or any other website development platform. 

Domain name is followed by: .co, .com, .org, etc. Depending on the nature and location of your business, you can select an appropriate domain for your online website. 

2. Get Started with Dedicated or Shared Hosting 

There are two ways to get started with your website’s hosting. You can either select the dedicated hosting plan or go with the shared hosting service for your upcoming WordPress website or WooCommerce store. 

Both types of hosting plans have some merits and demerits according to their services. You can consult your WordPress Website Development Company to get detailed knowledge of the hosting your online store requires. 

3. Launch Your WordPress

After registering a successful domain name and selecting the perfect hosting plan, the next step is to download WordPress and get it launched. 

For launching your WordPress website, you must consult your WordPress development company as you will be redirected to an empty website. There needs to be a lot of customization done to set up a perfect website theme, download plugins, apply necessary changes and settings, etc. 

WP OnlineSupport offers various types of WordPress Services:

Hence, you need not worry about downloading or launching your WordPress website, as you can get it done with the help of our WordPress experts. 

4. Download WooCommerce Store Plugin

Here comes the exclusive step for launching your eCommerce plugin. Getting started with your WooCommerce online store becomes essential to get the WooCommerce plugin with a complete setup process. 

After successfully launching your WooCommerce store, you will be asked to create a few pages for allowing it to build a store for your products. 

Hence, you need to create a shop for displaying the products, design a cart for allowing the customers to keep the chosen items in the shopping cart, and set up a successful payment gateway for secure payment transactions. 

5. Customizing the Store

Customizing your WooCommerce plugin is highly essential for attracting many visitors to your store. Who would visit a boring website? I guess no one!

For having repeated customers, you need to deliver them a great user experience. For enhancing the UX of your WooCommerce store, you need the following services from our WooCommerce experts:

  • WooCommerce store setup 
  • WooCommerce theme design
  • WooCommerce store and theme development
  • WooCommerce security and maintenance 
  • WooCommerce custom plugin development
  • WooCommerce API Integration
  • Multisite WordPress services

6. Add Products

Next, while launching your WooCommerce store plugin- you need to keep adding the different products to your website. For adding products, you can follow the WooCommerce setup wizard process. 

  1. Visit your dashboard
  2. Select add products 
  3. Fill the product details with relevant content 
  4. Click on add product to save the product successfully. 

7. Integrate Payment Options

One of the essential elements of an eCommerce website is to set up a successful payment gateway. Customers will shop on your website if it is highly secure. Hence, the payment APIs that you need to set up on your WooCommerce store must be done with the help of the best WooCommerce experts. 

WP OnlineSupport lets you hire the best WordPress and WooCommerce experts for launching your eCommerce online store with the best-integrated APIs, including payment gateways. We help you set up your online store by setting up your payment gateway methods like PayPal, Stripe, UPI, Netbanking, etc. 

8. Add Shipping Methods

WooCommerce allows your business to integrate the best shipping methods by helping you choose the appropriate shipping zones from the dashboard. You can set up the different shipping zones as per the currency using the WooCommerce platform. Nevertheless, the customers can also add up to multiple shipping addresses while shopping at your online store. 

9. Complete the Setup

Lastly, you need to complete the setup wizard process by following the mandatory steps to launch your next eCommerce store using the WooCommerce plugin successfully. 


To launch your online store with WordPress and WooCommerce, you need to consult WP OnlineSupport to help you with feature-rich website and store development services. We help you build a WordPress WooCommerce website with our best plans and process. Consult our experts for getting it started like PRO!

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