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Top 7 Benefits of WordPress for Small Business Owners

Top 7 Benefits of WordPress for Small Business Owners

Do you know how old WordPress is?

WordPress has been powering the internet for the last 18 years!

Yes, the first initial release of WordPress was back in 2003 as a blogging platform. 

Today, WordPress is a highly popular content management system helping brands worldwide to launch their online platform. 

Well, there are ample benefits of using WordPress as your CMS or eCommerce store. But before discussing the same, let me help with some quick WordPress facts. 

WordPress Facts That No One Will Tell You

  • WordPress powers 34% of the share on the internet. 
  • If we talk about the CMS share, it is 60% and above!  
  • The world’s top websites are powering with WordPress with a share of 14.7%. 
  • WordPress holds the record of launching 500+ websites per day. 
  • Last but not least, you can scroll 55K+ WordPress plugins from its official directory. 
  • WooCommerce is emerging as one of the popular eCommerce plugins. 

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Top 7 Benefits of WordPress

Let’s discuss the top seven advantages of WordPress in detail. Here we go!

1. WordPress Is Popular, Has An Incredible Market Share

WordPress is one of the most popular website development platforms. WordPress fits all business types, whether a small business owner, a freelancer, or an institution. Above all, WordPress is a popular CMS; it has the highest market share on the World Wide Web.  

  • Popular Platforms For Designing And Developing
  • Quick Community Support
  • Quick Reference To The Best WordPress Experts
  • Many Additional Benefits

2. WordPress Is SEO-Friendly

WordPress is search-engine friendly. Popular search engines, including Google, easily crawl the websites that you develop on WordPress. Hence, all your digital marketing efforts are well-supported; when you power your website using WordPress. It is indeed one of the best benefits of using WordPress for your online business. 

  • Crawling Easily On Search Engines
  • Product Pages, And Category Pages With Enhanced Visibility
  • Website & Blog Pages Rank Higher

3. WordPress Offers Amazing Extendibility with Themes & Plugins

Another incredible reason for choosing WordPress over other platforms is its extendability. No other website development platform is as versatile as WordPress. 

  • More Than 55k Plugins To Make Your Website More Versatile And Engaging
  • Interactive And Engaging Interface
  • Increase Website Visitors
  • Increasing The Engagement Level

4. Managing WordPress is Easy, No Technical Knowledge Required

WordPress is a Content Management System. It is quite easy and simple to operate. Hence, you need not be tech-savvy for managing WordPress from the backend. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can start using WordPress for managing their online business or website. It is one of the ultimate benefits of WordPress CMS. 

  • Quite Easy And Simple To Operate

5. WordPress Offers High-end Security

Web admins need to follow a security regime to prevent the websites from getting hacked. Nevertheless, there are many tricks and tips for managing your WordPress security, for which you need to hire the best WordPress development services

  • Inbuilt Security
  • High-End Security Apparatus

6. WooCommerce for Launching Your Online Store

WooCommerce is one of the eCommerce plugins that help to convert your online WordPress website into an eCommerce store. It offers all the features, including stock and inventory management, order management, product management, secure payment integrations, etc., for helping you run your online store. 

  • Extendability
  • Security
  • Utilize The Store

7. WordPress Has Got Best Support/Community 

One of the other advantages of WordPress is that because it is a highly popular and most-used CMS across the world, it has the best community and support. WordPress developers are easily guided and supported by the huge WordPress community, for which solving any bugs or errors becomes simple and quick. 

  • Plenty Of Developers
  • Support Literature To Help
  • Big Universe To Answer Your Queries

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Wrapping Up

These are the incredible benefits of WordPress expressed by our WordPress experts. Although WordPress has many more benefits to deliver to website owners, including the open-source and free platform, quick installation guide, speed, etc. To take advantage of WordPress, you should contact WordPress Services Experts that will give you the whole list of benefits of using WordPress as a CMS. You must consult or hire WordPress development services to get started with WordPress.

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WordPress vs. Blogger – Which is a Better Choice for You?

There has been a long debate on whether WordPress or Blogger is a better choice. If you are reading this, then chances are that you are looking to get into blogging and wondering about the better choice between these two. 

Let’s dive right into Blogger Vs. WordPress head-to-head comparison so you know which one to go for. 

1. Blogger – A Simple Platform with Restricted Functionality 

Blogger is a simple platform that has been around for a while. As a blogger, you can get started with Blogger; however, truth to be told, it doesn’t have as many features as WordPress. 

Blogger offers a variety of themes to help you get up and running. You got to create your profile using a Google account, choose the layout of your choice, pick a URL, and type in the title. 

Remember, that you will find blogspot.com added to the end of your URL which essentially means that you do not get a custom domain URL unless you pay for it. 

The functionality is pretty basic and limited. There are only a handful of options to customize your blog according to your preferences. 

2. Blogger- Ideal for Hobby-Blogging 

If you are looking for a platform for hobby-blogging, then Blogger suffices; however, options to customize the appearance and adding custom codes are very limited. 

It is not quite the platform to go for if you are looking for a fully customized blog as per your taste, preferences, and quality standards. WordPress on the other hand has a lot to offer which we are going to throw light over. 

It is often said that Blogger is an SEO-friendly platform since it is a Google product. Frankly speaking, that’s not true. 

It has added some new SEO features. Nonetheless, it still lacks SEO optimization capabilities. SEO- friendliness of any website is determined by numerous factors including how it is configured. 

So, if there is no other reason other than just writing and publishing posts on almost a zero-cost platform- Blogger certainly makes for a good choice.

3. WordPress- A Full-Featured CMS 

WordPress Vs. Blogger debate often ends with knowing tons of features, functionality, and customization possibilities offered by WordPress. This fully-featured CMS (Content Management System) clearly outlines the key differences between Blogger and WordPress and why the latter outweighs the former by a huge margin. 

Getting started with WordPress is a quick and painless process. It is popular owing to its simplicity despite so many powerful features. There are countless customization options at your disposal and you can make a professional blog website up and running in no time. 

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4. WordPress Blog- For Serious Blogging & Brand Authority 

If you are looking to get into blogging to make money and build brand authority, then WordPress must be your pick. You can make your WordPress website SEO-friendly by adding simple to install and use plugins. 

As you may know, there are millions of plugins available for WordPress, and the number is exponentially increasing while you are reading this. 

The same goes for the number of users choosing WordPress for blogging. As compared to Blogger, WordPress offers far more options to optimize your blog for major search engines. 

5. WordPress- Perfect Because of its Community Support

Which is better: Blogger or WordPress? Is a question that often baffles new users. Unlike Blogger or Blogspot, WordPress gives you complete control over your blog. Bloggers can not thwart spammers as seamlessly as WordPress can. 

A self-hosted WordPress blog is a preferred choice owing to this quality. 

Spammers can misuse ‘Flag as Spam’ to your Blogger blog and chances are high that Google might remove your blog without any prior warning. This isn’t the case with a self-hosted WordPress blog. 

6. WordPress- Countless Free & Paid  Themes & Templates

Despite being an E-Commerce platform in nature, WordPress has free themes & templates galore to choose from. 

You can even go for paid themes and templates to unlock an all-new world of extended possibilities. If you are looking to get into blogging to make money and establish yourself as a serious blogger with online authority, WordPress is a clear winner with an edge. 


Aspiring and established bloggers around the world are in awe of WordPress due to the features, security, user-friendliness, SEO-friendliness, customization options, and commercial benefits it offers. It is a full-fledged 

Blogger has been around for a while and it offers a limited number of themes and customization options which may not necessarily be what you want to settle for. Hope the post made for a good read. For more information related to WordPress development services, feel free to connect with us.

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