WooCommerce Gold partner – Case Study

I’d like to share our recent experience to work with WooCommerce Gold partner & our unique methodology & tools to execute the project smoothly.

To Achieve Good Code Quality & for project management, we use tools like W3 Validation, JSLint & Teamwork, Google Workspace, basecamp respectively. 

Let’s glance on our wide array of Expertise on GoogleForm, Membership site, WooCommerce & LMS. 

GForm Expertise:-

  • Staff management: . Sign on through their mobile phones, QR Code to access the form
  • Data Collection: Name, Numbers, Location, Shift-timing
  • Report sheet: Payroll spreadshit to check staff’s invoice

Membership site Expertise:-

  • Site Development: Using BuddyPress, Elementor, Learndash, Gamification etc. 
  • Subscription Module: Manage & Track the subscription, sales, and marketing activities. 
  • Automated billing system – Grants or revokes payment based on payment status. 

LMS Expertise

  • Technology Integration:- LMS Integration with CRM, ERP, HRM
  • LMS eCommerce Integration:- Integration with WooCommerce & Magento
  • Performance Optimization:- Application Server Infrastructure

Our other work is www.essentialplugin.com with 15000 Pro customers worldwide enjoying our WordPress Plugins.

We want to work exclusively on High End WordPress projects. Our Consultants & constant learning are around exclusively working on High End WordPress projects.  10up, event-event, codable  is on our constant radar for achieving high end standards in wordpress projects.

Your one-stop WordPress solution. 

Let’s do zoom call or directly call us on + 1 302 667 9191 to talk through about your WordPress requirement. 

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