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Featured Posts allow you to add featured posts on your blog’s website via shortcode in pages and/or posts. This plugin makes it easier to mark posts as featured posts from the post list OR from post inner section.

Free Active Installs
WordPress 4.0 to 5.2.2

Premium Download & Features

More designs with Grid and Slider layouts

Very powerful plugin/widget for WordPress to show Featured, most visited or most commented posts on your WordPress site. It’s very flexible and super easy to use, comes with a lot more great features and designs.

Beautiful grid block and variable width designs

Like Grid and slider layouts, grid block and variable width give you an option to display, display Grid and slider with Beautiful designs.

Plugin Feature List

All additional features included

20 designs with grid and grid box layout

20 designs with slider and carousel layout

Trending post support with any post

WP default feature post

6 widget support

Widget in slider, vertical scroll & block layout

Adjustable image height

Show/hide comments and its counting

Fully Responsive and Touch Based Slider

Slider RTL Support

Hide/Show Slider Pagination & Arrows

Slider Autoplay and Speed Interval

Limit to display number of post

WordPress default post support

Display POst categories wise

Include/Exclude categories

Include/Exclude multiple post

Post Order ASC OR DESC

Code written with WordPress standard

Fully Responsive

100% Multi language

6 Widgets

  • 3 widget for Featured Post.
  • 3 widget for Trending Post.


Custom CSS option

Allow you to add custom css to overwrite plugin css.


Short codes

Allow you to add and manage the all the designs with 8 short codes and short code parameters.


Gain access to Featured Post Creative and all other products with a single purchase.

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Current version: 1.5