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Hero Banner Ultimate

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Add hero banner with the help of background image OR background color OR background video. Hero Banner Ultimate comes with 4 types of layouts.

Hero Banner Ultimate

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Add hero banner with the help of background image OR background color OR Gradient OR background video. Hero Banner Ultimate comes with 10 types of layouts.

Plugin Feature List

All Additional Features Included

10 Designs for Hero Banner Ultimate
Add Video Background
Set Background Image or color
Set Button URL, text and class
Banner General Setting
Fully Responsive Designs
Banner color setting
Mobile extra setting



LayoutSelect Layout and make website better. 4 10
Banner Type You can set Banner Type.
Background Color & ImageYou can set background color and image for slider.
Background Video and Poster You can upload video background in slider.
Banner Width, Font SizeSet Slider banner width and font size.
Uppercase Title and Sub-TitleMake Title and Sub-Title Uppercase or not.
Banner Title & Content ColorSet Banner Title and Content color.
Call to Action ButtonSet call to action button link and class.
Mobile Responsive SettingsYou can set font size and set image size for mobile.
Automatic UpdateGet automatic plugin updates Lifetime Lifetime
Support Get support for plugin Limited 1 Year
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Nice Plugin! & Great Support!
The plugin was exactly what I was looking for no issues setting up nice and easy. Had a little issue through no fault of the plugin itself it was another plugin breaking a class tag attribute causing an issue with this plugin. I reached out to the authors who quickly responded and then quickly released an update that corrected the issue.
Amazing plugin and more amazing fast help
Plugin is great with a lot of option and what is most amazing is their very fast and reliable online chat help.
Great plugin and very fast and good support
I really like this plugin, as it is very easy to use. When using it for the first time, I had some trouble with the showcase builder. I asked the support for help and they found the issues caused by another plugin very quickly. I really can suggest this plugin!
Great plugin. Had a minor issue with the plugin the developer support was 5 star everything fixed very quickly. Would not hesitate to recommend.
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EB Tunnel Flyer

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