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Alkis Spiliopoulos
Great customer support!
Great customer support and help with customisation! Thank you guys!! Definately will recommend you!!
David Carli
Excellent support and Amazing Service
I known this wordpress support website for case but has been my luck. A very wonderful person, Mr. Anoop Ranawat helped me in everything. He has been great and very patient with me. Anoop, you have my eternal gratitude for your work. Thank you very much!!!
Barbara Roy
Web designer / DFRinc.
WP online support saved the day!
I have worked in graphic design for over 10 years and now I am branching out into webdesign. For my first project I had a tight deadline and not much experience. WP online support was a life saver! I used their support services and they helped me with the elements that I couldn't figure out on my own. They not only made the edits i needed but the turnaround time was unbelievably fast! They saved me hours of frustration and allowed me to meet my deadline. I am telling all me designer friends about their services.
Phyllis Stylianou
Blog Designer Post and Widget
Fabulous help. They guided me step by step, then went onto the page and installed the plugin in a matter of seconds. I'd been trying for hours. They were so friendly and helpful. I'm very grateful.
Fast and easy
Does what it promises to do. Great support for free plugin!
Olafur Svavarsson
Webdesigner / Sjónarspil
Great and quick support
What a great support I have gotten from the team... I needed some things resolved for a client in a hurry, and in 20 minutes everything was fixed... I Recommend wponlinesupport 100%. Great plugins as well. Óli, Iceland
Service exists!
This plugin is as clean and effective as it needs to be and thanks to the instant support I could customize it even before the new release was out. Service exists!
Sebastian Dernbach
Fast and nice support!
I needed some functionality in the pro version. Only had to chat with wponlinesupport on their website and they will add id very fast. Thank you very much!
Cristian g.
Super efficient!
Fast and very professional, the problem was solved in less then 4 hours
Great Plugin and Responsive with Quick plugin Support
Easy to use, Easy to install, No need to do extra stuff for the plugin. Thanks to developer.!
Lawn Dude
Nice looking posts slider
Everything looks great once I finally figured out how easy it was to set up and what I had to do to configure it.
I bought the pro version of this plugin because I wanted to use the carousel with the center mode. I followed the instructions in the docs and it worked right away. Thank you for the awesome job! :)
Blog designer and widget pro
The pagination was vertical, not horizantal. Jagir means, that there is some thing conflicting, perhaps with a pagebuilder. An that was the solution. I use the siteorigin pagebuilder. So I delete the pagemaker section and give the "wpspw-code" manually. So, The probem is volved. Thanx to Jagir Have a nive day.
SEO specialis / BrandScatter
Awesome work!
Awesome work for the support team! Fixed everything for me without hesitation. I had a couple problems of the plugin not working correctly but after a short chat with Anoop Ranawat my problems were resolved 100%! Thanks once again, Anoop!
Business man / GPs
Anoop Ranawat helped me with an issue about photogallery... in less than 30 secs!! Really amazing!! thank you!
Anais Kegels
Much Appreciated
Very timely online support via email - much appreciated.
Skylr Monaghan
Super fast customer support
Quick fix to my issue - excellent A+ I also found very easy to put the FAQs in the order I want them in by simply creating a category for each questions and just named my categories 1,2,3,4,5,6 and so forth and then put the shortcodes in order on the page.
Great Support from wponlinesupport
I have some minor issue with shortcodes, contacted wponlinesupport's live chat system. Jagir cleared the way very easily, i never expected such a prompt good support. I am happy with yout plugin. Thanks a lot!
Feasible Plugin For Blog Website
WP Blog and Widget is good enough to meet considrable blog and it's layout.Provided designs are so unique. Guys truly magnificent job. Keep it up with endless way. :-) :-)
Ancient Secrets Inc
What can these guys NOT do?
These guys figured out everything that I had problems with. Their support is amazing. Thank you very much for the great support. I appreciate what they have done so far and look forward to future work.

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