Allure your visitor’s experience! Install Album and Image Gallery Lightbox

Friends, today we are going to discuss one of the most useful and installed plugins of our brand, i.e., ‘Album and Image Gallery Plus Lightbox’. Using this plugin, you can easily add image gallery as well as image album in your recent posts in different designs. You can add a custom post type using the features of this plugin, which will enhance your website appearance.

This WordPress Plugin has 10k plus users across the world, which is itself a great victory and feedback for the design and utility. We have always been wondering for the ways to enhance your website through images in different forms such as slider, grid, album or gallery versions. Finally, our designers built a beautiful plugin for posting pictures in album or gallery format.

Plugin Features

Let’s talk about the amazing features of this plugin that makes it unique from other available image and gallery plugins available for WordPress platforms.

  • The PRO version of this plugin has 15+ gallery designs followed by category wise album.
  • You can use the 15+ different gallery designs for showing your image album on the WordPress post.
  • You can later create category wise album such as product wise categories or event wise categories or location wise categories for making it organized and simple for you to post images.
  • Utilizing the designs, you can display the images in album grid view, album slider view, album masonry layout and album with an image lightbox gallery.
  • Likewise, you can display the entire gallery of pictures in grid view, slider view, masonry layout and image lightbox view.
  • The plugin is 100% responsive and is quite easy for a non-technical user to use it along with minor or major updates.
Introductory Video on Plugin – Album and Image Gallery Plus Lightbox

It has a drag and drop order change option with Slider RTL(Right To Left) support; you can also hide and show the pagination and arrows. You can further include or exclude the category option as per your requirement. You can see the PRO download link flashing on the screen. Also you can find the download and demo links in the description of this video content.

“The USP of this plugin is its appearance and delivery, it delivers an awesome performance to your WordPress website, and your website looks quite organized yet creative. You can select and limit the numbers of images to display. “

Also, the slide autoplay and speed interval is an awesome option to use for delivering an auto response to the view of the image. Customization is easily possible with our plugins, you can customize it as per the requirement.

That’s all friends for today. Keep reading our video blogs for getting known with the features of our different plugins.

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