Artificial Intelligence does the job of a human brain in SEO

Artificial intelligence is changing SEO even faster than you think.

In the digital marketing industry, Artificial intelligence  and Search Engine Optimisation , both sound geeky and high-tech.

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While for many people working in the SEO industry, these terms might seem unrelated and you might ask yourself: what does Artificial intelligence have to do with SEO?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a way of making a computer, a computer-controlled robot  in the similar manner the intelligent humans think.

With the advent of technology, the new-age tech-savvy people lives-off Goolging everything that come across their way; optimizing search engine results has long since become the need of the hour. With the recent debut of Google’s RankBrain, the ball-game of machine-learning algorithms has changed forever and for the good.

RankBrain employees Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) which aides to bring about the optimization search engines. Built on back propagation techniques, RankBrain gives all the previous algorithms a run for their money. With all the previously designed algorithms taking a back-seat, you must be wondering what sets RankBrain way above in the league of all the algorithms that are designed to optimize search engine results?

Pretty much to your awe, RankBrain, shrewdly analysis the majorly flawed regression technique. Traditionally, one search algorithm was used to calibrate and re-calibrate the key-word searches to obtain the best possible search result. This technique can now no longer be used since the RankBrian strictly allows for a customization of every search algorithm using back propagation. This technique reaps better results and almost matching the search results that users are looking for.

So you might be wondering, is this it to the so-hyped ANI employed in SEO ? Isn’t there a better and still a more effective way to land on the exact pages that I’m Googling ? !

Artificial intelligence

Sit back, for there’s more to it than just this! RankBrain, acutely senses the irrelevant back-links that one finds on the website. Now, you’ll no longer be directed to an auto-mobile website while surfing for cosmetics. All the relevant back-links are only allowed with the new ANI and filters all the search results are filtered accordingly.

You must also take care to ensure that the when you design your sleek website, you’ve got to make sure it follows the best coding practices in the business and the website is exclusive to the nature of your business to avoid any miss-classification that might occur when ANI algorithm works. Diversifying the product range and incorporating multiple makes it difficult to classify the websites and filter them.