How can WordPress make small businesses big?


It is beyond any doubt that WordPress is an incredible platform that can make any website a super website. It can save a lot of money and time in addition to keeping a website very easy to build and maintain. WordPress for small businesses or startups is indeed a good idea and a forward step toward success.

There are hundreds of thousands of websites run on WordPress today and the number will only increase in future. Especially for small businesses, WordPress is no less than any boon! You can simply hire WordPress developer from WordPress Development Company preferably from India and get things done easily at pretty affordable rates. Let us check out how WP can make small businesses a biggie one!

Powerful Features

Having WordPress at the helm of your online business, you are assured with powerful features of the platform. Remarkable content management system (CMS) enables you to add, amend, or delete your own content without any professional help. Uploading media of any kind and integrating other stuff within the post is the easiest task that even a teenage boy can perform! WordPress for small businesses get you access system for controlling almost everything on the website including blogs.

Themes and Plugins

The most powerful positive thing about WordPress for small and mid-sized business is its themes and plugins. You can either go for a readymade theme or can get customized WordPress theme from professionals like Depending on your business type and strategies, WP themes can be designed.

Plugins make WP platform the most powerful and feature-rich as compared to other peer technologies. There are innumerable plugins available on the market. Nevertheless, if you want to have a tailor-made plugin for your WordPress, you may contact and they can get you the most suitable and scalable plugin for a small business website.

SEO Friendly

As a small business, you certainly need great attention and visitors from all over the world. WordPress is known for its SEO friendliness and thus, it can make your small business website a super one by implementing basic SEO techniques.

Affordable Yet Excellent

WordPress for small businesses is affordable and you don’t compromise on the quality either. This means if you run a small business and have some constraint on the budget spending, WP can take this worry off! You can certainly rely on this platform as it is affordable and still will serve your purpose of getting popular on the web.

WPOnlineSupport has a commitment to provide great WordPress solutions for small businesses so that you can achieve your dream without any hassles.

Mistakes that would kill your WordPress SEO

Till now, you might have come across the articles and blogs that mention top SEO techniques for your WordPress blogs and websites but here we will talk about the mistakes that can ruin your entire SEO stuff. That said, you should be all eyes and ears when it comes to precisely practice SEO through a WordPress website or blog.

Without a further ado, let us quickly look at some of the mistakes that even experienced webmasters commit while playing with SEO on WordPress platform for their own or their client’s blogs and sites of any kind.

Meta Title and Description

The biggest factor that affects your SEO on blogs and websites is playing wrong with meta title and description. There are many SEO plugins for WordPress –readymade and also customized. You must know that these are the most powerful plugins and affect the search engine bots as they are made to attract the bots and force them to read the content. If you play too much with keywords or phrases, you are going to lose a big chunk from the internet.

Anchor Text and Backlinks

Though many SEO experts suggest that backlinking is dead, it is still not! The references and reciprocal links still play a vital role in making the website authentic and trustworthy by search engine bots. In addition to the backlinks, anchor texts are the ones that will perform the action. So, if you are ignoring anchor texts and backlinks, you are making a mistake that might cost you in future.

No index follow

Not all pages on your websites require attention. And it is for this reason, WordPress SEO techniques include finding those pages and mark them with ‘no follow’ and ‘noindex’ tags. There are plugins available to perform this action. You can lessen the complexity by removing unwanted pages from the SEO campaign.

Regular Posting and Update

This is one of the most common mistakes we find when it comes to WordPress SEO tricks and techniques. The search engine bots do not like the dead websites. Here, ‘dead’ means that your websites or blogs don’t have regular updates and posts. The bots will lose interest once you stop posting new content and it will affect your overall ranking badly.

Maintenance of WordPress

Maintaining the WP websites and blogs is the most important factor that you should never ignore. You will make a mistake by ignoring this very crucial thing. But how can you do that? Well, it is very easy –hire professional WordPress development company and make them your service partner. They will take care of every nuance required.

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